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Constitutive Criminology At Work
Transformative Approaches to Replacement Discourse

Review and Essay by Jeanne Curran and Susan R. Takata
Part of Peacemaking Identity Series
Copyright: Jeanne Curran and Susan R. Takata, September 2000. "Fair Use" encouraged.

What do we mean by "transformation?"

Stuart Henry and Dragan Milovanovic mean by transformation that criminologists, and by extension, sociologists, have a responsibility to transform the discourse that harms. In Lisa Sanchez' chapter 3 on women in the sex trade, she emphasizes the limited agency, the limited choices, available to these women. But she does not stop with simply describing the situatedness in which the women find themselves. She seeks plausible alternatives from transforming the social context that harms them. She accepts the responsibility of using her analytical skills to examine and recommend alternatives.

More later . . . September 12, 2000. jeanne

This past weekend I added The Teacher Who Practiced Loving as an example of transformative discourse. See the Links page on postmodern and Leitch on Postmodernism. September 25, 2000. jeanne