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Created: February 5, 1999
Latest Update: February 23, 2003

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Index on Social History

  • An Abridged History of the United States by William M. Brinton. Pretty much straight reading - not interactive.
    But good reference material. I missed the search engine, if there is one.
    Link added here on February 5, 1999. Checked and working on February 23, 2003.

    Learning to Find Stuff on the Web

    When I checked the old link on February 23, 2003, it wasn't working. Here's the information: Abridged History of U.S.
    by William M. Brinton. Link added here on February 5, 1999. Use the information in this old link to see if you can locate this resource on the Web. I've entered the new link above.

    HINT: Look for author AND title, or author OR title on a search program, like Yahoo. I found the author, but not the title. But as I followed the links, I found the title, too. The ability to do this could make you look like a genious to someone who's not exactly computer literate. If that someone is your boss, might get you a promotion or a raise.

  • February 23, 2003: The Public Records Office The National Archives of the United Kingdom, Education. Virtual museum, educational resources.

    The site is visually attractive and colorful,
    but it is not arranged very effectively for Web viewing.
    Material is too small to be read. Photographs are layered over one another so
    that you can't see them.
    We have much yet to learn about using these new media.Nevertheless,
    this site may afford you important sources to other materials.

  • Images of African Americans from the 19th Century.
    Long download time. But rare pictures provide a good sense of history.
    NY Pulbic Library

  • Marriage, Women, and the Law
    Research Librairies Group project on collecting materials to support
    research on this issue in the 19th Century. A sample
    search screen, and information on the project is available.
    NY Public Library .

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