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Church Attempts to Understand and Relate to Homosexuality

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Created: March 6, 2006
Latest Update: March 6, 2006

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Index of Topics on Site Church Attempts to Understand and Relate to Homosexuality

I was searching for comparative information on religions in the US to help us use illocutionary discourse in trying to understand those religions. I came across Journey Together Faithfully: A Call to Study and Dialog Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ECLA) call to study and understand homosexuality as it relates to their practice as Christians. Notice that our secular world is not alone in calling for illocutionary discourse. If we are to live together we will need to understand one another as humans in all our complexities.

Having found this material, I googled homosexualit "church acceptance" evangelical. You might want to look for your onw Church conference or assembly to check on what your church is recommending on this issue. Consider for example this result which came up in my search:

Homosexuality and the Evangelical: The Influence of Contemporary Culture

by Robert K. Johnston

Robert K. Johnston, Ph.D., is Professor of Theology and Culture, Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena CA 91182.

Discussion Questions

  1. What is the importance of the fact that this call to illocutionary discourse came up as I was googling for narratives on evangelical Christian minister's experiences?

    Consider that I wasn't looking for homosexuality, but it came up as an important issue for the evangelical Christian's whose narratives I was searching. That is one plausible way to measure the predominance of our concerns with this social, economic, and political issue today. I din't have to google "homosexuality" to have it pop up.

  2. What means of approaching this issue has the Church taken?

    Notice the dual emphasis in the Call: to STUDY and to DIALOG.

    Dialog: The illocutionary practice we seek to gain skills in on transform_dom.

    Study: the Church calls on its members to study. Not to decide on what they already "know." But to study what science and research have taught us:

    "2. Provide reflection on the teachings of our theological heritage;

    "3. Enable greater clarity on the findings and contribution of social and scientific research;" From Goals for the Study on p. 2. of Recommendations: Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ECLA) Studies on Sexuality.

  3. Does this Assembly of Christian Evangelical Churches declare homosexual behavior wrong?

    NO. They are very careful to consider their own beliefs, while recognizing the pastoral and social needs of those who claim homosexuality.

    "RESOLVED, that this church welcome gay and lesbian persons into its life (as stated in Churchwide Assembly resolutions from 1991, 1995, and 1999), and trust pastors and congregations to discern ways to provide faithful pastoral care for all to whom they minister."

    From Recommendation Two–As Adopted, eliminating the words "same sex couples" to be replaced by "all to whom they minister."

  4. Are there freely accessible online sources, recognized by scholars, that you can consult on this issue?


    religion Full texts by recognized religious scholars.More than 5,700 articles and chapters. Topics include Old and New Testament, Theology, Ethics, History and Sociology of Religion, Communication and Cultural Studies, Pastoral Care, Counseling, Homiletics, Worship, Missions and Religious Education. Check it out for in-depth reading on issues that concern you.


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