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Last Update 9-05-2000

This hub site will serve as a place forum for messages about:

  • General Discussion Preparations
  • The following are general e-mail discourse guides. Some of the students in this class will read other sources mainly from the Bibliography that is at the end of the posting. Thus NOT everyone will do the same assignments, read the same materials. The preparations serve to give you the background you need for meaningful participation in public discourse via the internet on the Academic Discourse Forum threads. We stay in touch with you as you e-mail us Pass? or Prepared? See details on the Evidence of Learning Page.

    We have tried to provide enough choice that you may select readings that interest you. We will not all read the same material. Therefore, be prepared to summarize any related readings beyond those assigned in an e-mail that will benefit others in the class, in case others have not read that material. Please be sure to specifically identify the readings in your e-mails. Be prepared to give either the page numbers of a text, or the URL of a site where we can find the material on which you base your comments, if you would like an e-mail discussion of the issue.

    Discussion Preparations, Weekly Listings by Class.

    The only course to be offered this Fall, 2000 by the Northern Colorado Local Hub Site is:

    Responses to Uncertainty in a Complex, Changing Postmodern World

    To send e-mail now, to the Notess, with comments or questions on the above remember to click on the send button after typing a Subject and your suggestions in the empty boxes that appear on your screen when you click here.