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Prof. Takata.
Department of Criminal Justice
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Latest Update: January 2, 2001

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  • HAPPY NEW YEAR! During Spring 2001, I will be on sabbatical. See you in the fall.

  • THANK YOU for a wonderfully challenging fall semester! I learned an awful lot from each of you. Jeanne and I are already working to improve things for next semester.

  • Criminal Justice Association News

    To be rescheduled, the lecture by Dr. George Palermo, forensic psychiatrist.

    Check the Criminal Justice Department web page for future club announcement.

All UWP Classes, Reports of Learning (ROL):

Criminology (CRMJ/SOCA 233)

  • Pass/Prepared Exercises

  • Important Class Related Links

    Preventing Crime

    Criminology Class Web Board

  • Recommended Readings

    Jeffrey Reiman. The Rich Get Richer, The Poor Get Prison.

  • Corrections (CRMJ/SOCA 363)

  • Pass/Prepared Exercises

  • Interesting Links

    Corrections Class Web Board

    Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Jail Cam Link. Link found by Mary Frances Chachula.

    Wisconsin Department of Corrections

    Virtual Prison Tour

  • Recommended Readings

    James Austin & John Irwin. It's About Time: America's Imprisonment Binge

    Kathleen O'Shea. Women on the Row.

  • Law and Social Change (CRMJ/SOCA 352)

  • Pass/Prepared Exercises

  • Links to Lecture Notes and Other Things

    -- Law and Social Change Class Web Board

  • Other Announcements

  • Links to the Sociology of Law Handbook readings

    -- Introduction

    -- Chapter 1, part 1

    -- Chapter 1, part 2

    -- Chapter 2

  • Recommended Readings

    Jurgen Habermas. Between Facts and Norms.

    Martha Minow. Making All the Difference: Exclusion, Inclusion and American Law. Check out this link Martha Minow on the Dear Habermas site.

    Gordon Fellman. Rambo and the Dalai Lama: The Compulsion to Win and its Threat to Human Survival. Check out this link Gordon Fellman on the Dear Habermas site.

    All UWP Classes, web assigned readings:

    All UWP Classes, pass/prepared exercises:

  • Cheating and Structural Violence Black letter definition of Structural Violence.

  • Other Pass?or Prepared?s to try. Let me know what you think.

  • Field Trips

    To Be Arranged

    Discussion Preparations

    These are the assignments of old. The difference is that not everyone will do the same assignments, read the same materials. The preparations serve to give you the background you need for meaningful participation in the public discourse in the classroom and on the Academic Discourse Forum threads. We stay in touch with you as you e-mail us Pass? or Prepared? See details on the Evidence of Learning Page.

  • Fall 2000 Course Syllabi

  • The UWP "Birdie" Calendar

    First Place to Check for What's Going On in Class Today

    Readings essential to coherent participation in class discussions, journals, written work are on the "Birdie" Calendar. We have tried to provide enough choice that you may select readings that interest you. We will not all read the same material. Therefore, be prepared in class to summarize briefly what you have read, in case others have not read that material, and be sure to specifically identify the readings in your written work. Be prepared to give either the page numbers of a text, or the URL of a site where we can find the material on which you base your comments.

  • General Schedule and Academic Calendar Information