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Created: January 15, 2002
Latest Update: January 15, 2002


Amnesty International's
Human Rights Action Center

Review and Teaching Essay by Jeanne Curran and Susan R. Takata
Copyright: Jeanne Curran and Susan R. Takata and Individual Authors: January 2002. "Fair use" encouraged.

The Human Rights Action Center of Amnesty International is a good site for getting a quick overview of what is happening world-wide in human rights issues. Each issue is summarized. Link on the title of the issue, alongside the image. The title is not underlined, but is a hot link. That will take you to the issue itself and a letter of protest, if you wish to send one. For each issue there is a link: Learn More About this Issue. Such summaries will be useful to us, as we discuss advocacy and human rights.

Dr. Saad Eddin Ibrahim, a Professor of Sociology at American University in Cairo, Egypt, the fifth person on the list below, from January 15, 2002, has been invited to UC Riverside and UCLA, and many other universities. We have asked Dean Selase Williams to invite him to CSUDH for our Moot Court on Social Justice this Spring.

On January 15, 2002, there were eight actions posted, asking for our support:

  • Prevent Death Sentence for Melvin Hale in Texas.

    "Melvin Hale, white, aged 74, is facing a capital trial in Texas. The Hays County prosecution is intending to seek the death penalty against him for the murder of a police officer committed in 2000."

  • Amnesty International Fears for the Safety of 5 Nepalis

    "Five Nepali males were taken from their home in New Delhi by Indian security forces. They have not been seen since, and Amnesty International fears that they might be tortured or possibly even killed."

  • Help Free Prisoner of Conscience Ngawang Choephel

    Musicologist Ngawang Choephel was arrested by the Chinese authorities and sentenced to 18 years in prison after traveling to his native Tibet to gather material for a documentary film on traditional Tibetan performing arts. He was accused of spying. Amnesty International considers Ngawang Choephel a prisoner of conscience and is currently calling for his release on medical grounds. He is suffering from bronchitis, hepatitis and respiratory infections."

  • Brigadier General Josť Gallardo Prisoner of Conscience

    A brigadier general in the Mexican Army who was jailed after publicly calling for a human rights ombudsman to investigate human rights violations perpetrated by members of the armed forces.

  • Saad Eddin Ibrahim Prisoner of Conscience

    A well-known human rights activist who was sentenced to seven years in prison for his efforts to expose what he saw to be election fraud in Egypt.

    See also PSN Post on Saad Eddin Ibrahim.

  • Rebiya Kadeer Prisoner of Conscience

    A successful businesswoman who was jailed for her efforts to publicize discrimination and human rights violations against China's Uighur minority.

  • Dr. Taye Wolde-Semayat Prisoner of Conscience

    An outspoken critic of the government's education policies who was jailed on fabricated charges in an effort to curtail his activities as the leader of the Ethiopian Teachers' Association.

  • Leyla Zana Prisoner of Conscience

    An advocate for the rights of Turkey's Kurdish minority, her arrest stemmed from her swearing-in ceremony as a new member of Parliament during which she made a statement in the Kurdish language and wore traditional Kurdish colors.