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The World Exists Because We Love It

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California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Created: September 26, 2005
Latest Update: September 26, 2005

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The World Exists Because We Love It

Freudian Quote from Lear's Love and It's Place in Nature, at p. 140.

Each semester we create together a poem which picks up the theme of the semester and throughout which we provide links to the visual projects themselves, or photographs or drawings of our visual projects. These virtual exhibits remain on the site for future access.

A rough start for this semester's poem:

The world exists
because we love it.

Strange love, Freud,
in a pack

Lonely, to love
to hold
catch by the toes
fly through my fantasy

you will love me
what then?

Now, I've never written a collective poem. Who has? But I know that Michael and Kathleen and Beau, and Heaven Forfend!, Jason and zillions other of you will find a way to add to this. Have an idea? Put it up on transform_dom in plain old English prose. Somebody will translate it into our poem. Edit; find new images; come up with visuals to inspire us. Write music? Well, here's a chance to provide the music background.

Because we want to appeal to a very real modern audience of people out there in our community who are struggling with these issues, I'd like to keep the lines of the poem short. People tend not to read long e-mail, long books, long essays, long poems. They skip through them. And that makes good sense, according To Steven Johnson, because we are the products of increasingly complex, ongoing entertainment that allows us the freedom to zip through the first look or reading, only to catch what we missed in replays. But we want to draw our community in to share our thinking and learning with them, in good faith.

I get final say in editing, mostly because I'm the one who has to put the Virtual Exhibit up in hypertext. But I promise to consult with as many of you as I can, in good faith.

It's time to start putting our message together. Let the games begin! jeanne

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