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Created: December 9, 2002
Latest Update: December 9, 2002

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On Wedensday, December 4, 2002, Charity Doronila wrote:

Subject: sociology of law

Jeanne, your class has been very interesting. I have applied what I've learned to my life. I have read and listened to your lecture about illocutionary act. Illocutionary act is an attempt of making people understand where one is coming from. I read on the site about women in the 70's speaking out about oppression. This allowed women to communicate to other women about the type of oppression that was happening and allowed women to express their concerns. The freedom of being able to express ones own thoughts and feelings is one that I am thankful for. I have also related this to our short discussion in class about abortion. Jeanne, there were many times in class when you have mentioned that you are still running away from the rape you've experienced. I am sorry that you've had to experience the horrible pain. Your discussion made me think about the things that I have kept secret and have been afraid to talk about, such as our discussion of abortion. (I will e-mail you again with the rest of my learning) Thanks Jeanne, Charity Doronila

Jeaanne's comments up soon.