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Created: September 8, 2003
Latest Update: September 8, 2003

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On Saturday, September 8, 2003, Tammy Starnes, CSUDH, wrote: Hi Jeanne.
My name is Tammy Starnes and I am in your Soc 328 & 395. I will be trying to figure out what exactly "illocutionary discussion" is all about, if that is possible.
Possible, but a little frustrating. Illocutionary discussion is a discussion that aims not at convincing the other of your position, but at each of you trying to understand each other's positions.
From Maria Pia Lara,
Moral Textures.

I also wanted to let you know that the social agency that is most important to me is child services. I have a place in my heart for children. They are mostly innocent and they are the future. It really bothers and hurts me to hear about all of the wrongdoings that are done to children.

I just put up some information on children and mental health disabilities. Maybe we can start there. jeanne

Why do child molesters have so many rights? It seems that the victimizer has more rights than the victim.

I know it sometimes seems that way, but in fact the constitutional protections are there to protect the innocent, which includes you and me from overzealous police work. There's a difference between talking about structural violence and harm done within a system that is imperfect, and talking about taking someone's freedom away through incarceration. We need to make the system more sensitive and caring for children. But we also need not to harm innocent adults who are caught up in our attempts at bettering the system.

For example, there really are children who attempt to blackmail their parents by threatening to claim child abus if the parents don't give in to what they want. It's hard to change a system's morality and caring with law. I understand that you think of these things. We all do. But we need to guard against change that is not well reasoned and thought out ahead of time. jeanne

This is just one of the many things that are on my mind. I will talk more about it and try to figure out the "illocutionary discussion" part of it.

Good response, Tammy. You gave me lots to work with. jeanne