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Created: January 3, 2001
Latest update: January 3, 2001
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Dialog on the Arrogance of Domination:
Our Students and Higher Learning

January 3, 2001
Data Sequence 02

On Saturday, December 23, 2000, Mac wrote to Susan:

Thank you very much for all of the work in making this happen!!!!! I'm thrilled! Can you tell me how much time is allocated for presentation and Q & A's? If not in this manner, can you describe to me please? Is there going to be a primary presenter for each of the papers? Anticipate your reply

On Sunday, December 24, 2000, Susan wrote to Mac:

first of all, i need to get some travel estimates and get a proposal together and see if i can find funding for us to attend the reno meetings. each of you will give a brief presentation -- probably not more than 10 minutes and then open up the session to Q&As. we like our sessions to be interactive. usually each session is no more than 2 hours.

happy holidays!


On Sunday December 24, 2000, Marlene Boykin, of CSUDH, joined the dialog:

I just printed out Merton and Fumaroli. I will be reading that in a few minutes. I received a message from aol that the e-mail I sent you did not go through. I will be using the ok? Anyway, stay off the computer for Christmas eve and just enjoy. Merry Christmas to you and Arnold. Love and Peace, Marlene

jeanne's comments:

Most of jeanne's students were gone over Christmas. So they weren't sharing in these e-mails. The Wisconsin-CSUDH dialog took off unexpectedly over Christmas week. By early January the CSUDH students will be returning and joining the dialog.

More soon. . . .

jeanne's comments:

Continue dialog.