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Created: January 16, 2001
Latest update: January 16, 2001
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Dominant Discourse and Lacan's Master Signifier

jeanne's review of literature as background to this piece of dialog.

As I read this section of our dialog I was reminded of Zizek's The Fragile Absolute. We try so hard to capture something, anything, ourselves, our superego, something we can feel sure of. And invariably, as we grasp it, it turns to nothingness. The "beautiful," the "true," the "real," as we grasp it, disappears into the Void. I think this may be the best answer to what Jonathan Lear deplores in "knowingness." That which we think we know turns out not to be that which we thought it was. Lear, Freire, so many brilliant thinkers I'll have to hunt up myriad references. . . . I'll explain lots more of this, if you will just give me a little more time.

On Sunday, January 14, 2001, Mac wrote:

Hmmmm, ever have something that you just simply 'don't get'? For whatever reason, it's just not sinking in? I'm there... , more so to what you refer when you said, "dress it up and write it down". Sure, I can write... write fiction, non-fiction and have actually did some ghost.... well, nevermind. lol Anyway, to me, this is not, to me, just another paper. There's something I strongly believe in here, and I want to 'do it right' per se? I'm unsure of the reader, the audiance... A bunch of sociologist can be a really difficult crew! A loose crew at times! Especially in large gatherings! lol I'm not aware of just how, but this is different than presenting information or edit for telecommunication or the hell of an English prof! AH-HA!!! As I write, the light clicks on! My trip is because I care! Oh crap.... Man!!! lol Please, nevermind this email...brainstorm doesn't transmit well when others are analyzing it and a conclusion has been met. Tends to not make sense? lol! gotta love it! Mac ----- Original Message ----- From: Jeanne Curran Sent: Sunday, January 14, 2001 2:03 PM To: Rebecca McLaughlin Cc: Susan Takata; Gale Horton Subject: Re: possible meeting times OK, Susan. You take it first. I'll think on it. But I think that Becker's Tricks of the Trade is how I'll answer it. Mac, you're not really understanding research. Do you have something to say? You bet you do. Do you know exactly how to dress it up and write it down? You bet you don't. But, as Susan says, you've got most of it - the something to say. Becker would say you're even further along because you're not trying to force what you have to say into any preconceived categories dependent on traditonal theorizing. Now give me a day or two with Becker's book. I just picked it up at Vroman's yesterday. But his first chapter is online: More later. Arnold's got breakfast ready, lnp, jeanne At 02:16 AM 1/14/2001 -0600, Rebecca McLaughlin wrote: Susan, do you mean that in all of our emails, that we now have another reference to which we can draw on in our papers? Personal experience to refer to? An insight? By engaging in academic discourse knowingly? In so, being able to examine it? I feel I should be beyond this stage of writing my paper...having the insight of the topic I am to write about. Do you understand why I feel I am behind in the process now? Should I not feel this way? In all seriousness, I ask you to explain more fully your opinion that I am well into the paper. How do you feel I can better gage where I am? Mac ----- Original Message ----- From: Susan R Takata Sent: Saturday, January 13, 2001 1:04 PM To: Rebecca McLaughlin Cc: Gale Horton; Jeanne Curran Subject: Re: possible meeting times wasn't joking about papers progress. you two got quite a bit done during the break. and you've been busy just yesterday alone. i've got 43 emails and "i'm on sabbatical; i'm on sabbatical." susan ****************************************************************** * Susan R. Takata * * Professor Dept of Criminal Justice * * 370 Molinaro Hall Phone: (262) 595-2116 * * E-mail: FAX: (262) 595-2471 * * University of Wisconsin, Parkside, Box 2000, Kenosha, WI 53141 * ****************************************************************** On Fri, 12 Jan 2001, Rebecca McLaughlin wrote: > Friday, it works for me! After 12pm ok? That's when my last class is. OK, now, where? > > Susan, you said, "based on all the emails during the winter break, i know that your papers > are well underway." LMAO Are you joking or just being nice? lol > > Friday... > Mac > > > > ----- Original Message ----- > From: Susan R Takata > Sent: Friday, January 12, 2001 3:05 PM > To: Gale > Cc: Rebecca McLauglin; Jeanne Curran > Subject: Re: possible meeting times > > > friday noon is fine with me. now the million dollar questions: is it okay > with you mac? (let's not hold our breaths, gale -- okay?) > > gale -- i hope you don't mind me sharing this email with jeanne. this > observation is extraordinary data. and gale -- i didn't do anything. you > did this all yourself (you have only yourself to "blame" (heh, heh, heh). > i think you had it in you all along. > > well, folks -- was gone off email and didn't do a darn thing with my merit > review report. instead a friend called and i spent 2 hours on the phone > helping to sort out a problem. oh, well... (i'm on sabbatical. i'm on > sabbatical). > > based on all the emails during the winter break, i know that your papers > are well underway. > > susan

On January 14, 2001, jeanne commented:

Wow! It's gonna be a helluva a session! lnp, jeanne