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California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Created: December 24, 2005
Latest Update: December 24, 2005

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This proposal is submitted for the June 2006 Conference on Scholars Without Borders, in Princeton, N.J., sponsored by the National Coalition of Independent Scholars and the Princeton Research Forum. We should like to find a place in your conference to present the research we have done over the last fifteen years or so in engaging both students and community in scholarly and governance discourse across disciplines in two state universities (University of Wisconisin, Parkside and California State University, Dominguez Hills).


Standardized testing and large classes all too often have resulted in outcomes of banked education in trivia that will painlessly satisfy degree certification for jobs, many of which have no career paths and are in danger of disappearing altogether. We started out with our model nearly thirty years ago to move back towards a liberal arts education within traditional formal institutions. We have succeeded in making extraordinary local changes that specifically deal with the social and behavioral sciences, technology and science, and the arts.

This presentation offers the model for our program, the open website that serves our shared teaching across disciplines, our Yahoo group, open to students, alumni, and general members for open discussion, and the visual exhibits in performative art that we take into the community. We seek here practical dissemination of the model to all who would like to adapt it to their independent scholar ends, in keeping with their own ideology.

The model is one of activism in applying the skills derived from liberal arts education to current issues. The model community reaches out to those in the academy through the convenience of shared classes, and to those outside the academy through all imaginable links with its community: parents, friends, children, neighbors, and all we come in contact with. The model is labor intensive for both scholars and participants who share their goals. The payoff comes in watching community spirit and governance discourse develop around disciplined learning as it empowers both town and gown.

Curriculum Vitae

  • Dear Habermas Independent Website

  • Jeanne Curran, Professor Emeritus, Esq.
    Department of Sociology
    California State University, Dominquez Hills

    • B.A., Physics, Math, and French - Newcomb College.
    • M.A., French - University of California, Los Angeles
    • Ph.D., Sociology and Philosophy of Education - University of Southern California
    • J.D., University of California, Los Angeles

    Yearly Presentations at

    • American Sociological Association
    • American Society of Criminology
    • Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences

  • Susan Takata, Ph.D.
    Department of Criminal Justice
    University of Wisconsin, Parkside

    • B.A., Sociology - California State University, Dominquez Hills
    • Ph.D., Sociology - University of California, Berkeley

    Yearly Presentations at

    • American Sociological Association
    • American Society of Criminology
    • Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences

    Outstanding Teacher Award
    Wisconsin Sociology Association

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