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NY Times Article on Recreation, Environmentalism, and the New Global Community.

Recreation, Environmentalism, and the New Global Community

Essay by jeanne

NY Times article on January 19, 1999. Illustrates the co-optation by certain interest groups, not only of living space, luxury products, but also, now, of U.S. Forest land where most of US skiing is done. The environmentalists complain that the development of real estate on private land, adjacent to the public areas where there is skiing, is bringing "industrial tourism." This is a major issue of interdependence and communities. To what extent does the use of common goods by a given special interest group alter the community?

James Brooke, "Environmentalists Battle Growth of Ski Resorts," The New York Times, Tuesday, January 19, 1999. Brooke reports that "the number of recreational visitors [to national forests] jumped by 40 percent . . . in the last decade. . . [the United States Forest Service predicts it will record one billion recreational visits a year by 2010."

Billions of dollars of construction are bringing "second home" buyers with different interests in the area. Brooke quotes Diane Gansauer, executive director of the Colorado Wildlife Federation: "The fight over land use is really just starting, because you are talking of a burgeoning population of residents and visitors. . ." Brooke also quotes Sandy Shea, a director of High Country Citizens' Alliance: "The trend is to focus on real estate, while quietly selling some ski tickets on the side. . ."