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California State University, Dominguez Hills
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Latest update: February 18, 2000
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Interactive Project from the Office of Student Development

This project is an example of university departments attempting to create a forum for students to express their expectations of each other. Forums are important. I encourage all my students to participate. Make your voice heard. This is how we build a climate of learning. Be sure to cc comments to me so I can give you credit for you work on this project. jeanne

E-Mail from Larry Gray:


To help students understand the obligations of performance and behavior, we are preparing A GUIDE FOR STUDENTS WRITTEN BY OTHER STUDENTS. The guide will contain comments by students about the behavior they expect of other students. We will have a set of these guidelines in a handout and on a web page available for students at no cost to them. Students can make the comments anonymously or be credited in the guide.

Interested students may pick up official forms in the Student Development Office, SCC C128 or email me (Larry Gray, and I will mail you a copy.  We can't put the forms on the net or on emailbecause we must have an original form.  

Thank you for your help with this project.

Boice Bowman, Vice President for Student Affairs
Larry Gray, Director, Student Development
      Lisa Gray-Shellberg, Professor, Psychology