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Dia de los Muertos

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Behavioral Objective: Understanding the relationship between life and death.

The resources for this interactive project were garnered from Basquiat Paintings in A Soho Gallery, online, Basquiat, hardcocpy, Posada at the County Library, hardcopy, and Posada and the Day of the Dead, online.

  • Jean-Michel Basquiat on the Emory University Postcolonial Studies Site. Good photograph of Jean-Michel at opening of article. Click to enlarge. And three of his paintings at end of article. Again, click to enlarge. Basquiat represents the postcolonial spirit and shares some of the background from which the Dia de los Muertos comes. He is also, like Posada, identified with Goya. See the essay on Artchive.
  • Dia de los MuertosThe Arizona Republic
  • Day of the Dead Los Mestizos.
  • The celebration of the Day of the Dead reflects one of the many ways in which we as humans reconcile life and death. Donna Maria Woods is coordinating this interactive project in which we incorporate art as a means of expression of concepts sometimes beyond our ability to articulate in the dominant discourse.

    1. Review the sources above so that you will have some understanding of how Donna is organizing the project.