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My World on April 9, 2005

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Created: April 9, 2005
Latest Update: April 9, 2005

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Today I order Murakami's catalog on Little Boy. I'll have it in a few weeks for those of you who would like to follow his sociological analyses. And then I started to join in the discussions on transform_dom. Good discussion on God's existence, but so far without adequate reference to the philosophical foundations for these discussions.

In Message No. 39xx, I wrote:

Jacqueline Jones just wrote in response to Miko and Shon in her message no. 3942 that she knows that God lives for He is alive in each of us. I need to reference some of that for you. Don't have my philosophy book down here right now, but that is a well-known philosophical approach, sometimes referred to as pantheism, in which God is everywhere and in all things. Shon and Jacqueline, I think that this comes down again to belief and knowledge. Miko is saying that all knowledge depends on interpretation, utlimately your own, so that we cannot know in the positivistic enlightenment sense of being able to demonstrate with evidence that we can command with our sense. But there are other ways of knowing, such as intuition and spirituality.

Also today, I got an e-mail from Susan in response to my having said "Better luck tomorrow," after she had a terrible day, and I had spent a portion of my day painting cats. She said:

""better luck tomorrow" is the title of an asian american movie that i'll be showing the first 20 minutes of class next week in my law and social change class. it depicts straight "A" asian american students with a hidden life of crime."

Now, in terms of interpretation and its role in what we "know," what do we know about A's in school? How do we know that? Does Susan's description of "better luck tomorrow" suggest that perhaps what we think we "know" about A students is not validated in reality at all? Do you think that maybe relates to what some of the rappers are saying? Do you think they seen some of the non-validity of what some dominant discourse tells us should be, but in reality isn't? What does that mean when we speak of mitigation in corrections and in rehabilitating those against whom society charges crimes? Can you see how all this comes back to religion as a present social issue? Can you relate it to the article from a few days ago, "The Pope and Hypocrisy"?

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