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My World on April 11, 2005

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Created: April 11, 2005
Latest Update: April 11, 2005

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Jason writes to ask what I think of Clear Channel and censorship to protect our morality by our government. Yikes. Jason, you know how I feel about people controlling others on the grounds that they "know" what's good for all of us. Even if there is a God who means for us to follow a specific morality (like the Ten commandments) He/She (gender being very probably inappropriate in the description of God, but unavoidable as it permeates the culture of 'man," I feel pretty confident said God wouldn't be too pleased with those who only followed his/her rules through the control of other more powerful humans who gave them no choice, political, economic, philosophical or social. For most religions, as I understand them, obeying God's rules is meant to be between the human and his/her God when it gets right down to it.

The Marranos, Jews, in Spain were forced to confess Catholicism or be tortured by the Inquisition. How do you think the Catholic God felt about Jews who obeyed the law through coercion, when in fact they believed otherwise? Judgment, I think, is the business of that power we cannot know, and in civil life, the system of law, which we humans make up and enforce on our own.

Now, unfortunately, I just discovered that there's a glitch in my computer system that won't let me send e-mail. I'm receiving, just can't send. So here's the answer I was starting to post on transform_dom for you:

Jason, I'm as scared as you are. I hadn't thought quite in terms of the Taliban yet. They still let me have my classes at school, and I'm a female. But control in the name of "what I know to be right" scares the hell out of me. If you're following my blogs and lectures on the site, you'll notice I'm going back in philosophy to interpretation and its relationship to "knowingness." I'll try to get more of that up in coming days.

Clear Channel scares me even more than that, for it promotes a homogeneity of offerings beyond which most of us, at least without paying for it, may not go. Homogeneity relates to control. Those who control exercise power over those who do not control, and now we're back to colonialism and values and religion and ethics as present social issues. Wow! jeanne

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