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So Easy to Remain Unaware,
My World on May 8, 2005

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One of jeanne's versions of urban depression and its resultant deadly desensitivation.

Deep Black Holes of Depression Distract from Awareness

California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Created: May 7, 2005
Latest Update: May 8, 2005

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How do we manage it? This insensitivity to the Other? It seems to come to us naturally, but I cannot believe that. In today's drawing I am visualizing one plausible explanation. We're tired. We're overcommitted. We're all living as the Supermoms of the seventies we thought we got rid of. We didn't. We just turned the guys into supermoms, too, but with different sets of tasks, at least one of which is having a second, as in the First Wives' Club.

A couple of weeks ago someone asked kind of casually, I presume, what Love 1A has to do with women's studies. The supermom social construct is one of the ways in which I'll answer that question in the Fall. The supermom phenomenon suggested that women could "have it all." I they wanted to spend their late twenties and thirties pursuing professional qualifications, they could have their children later. Hah! Some of us couldn't conceive by then. Some of us were no longer healthy after the great push to achieve. And some of us regretted how much time we had lost in having the "life" we still wanted. There is no way comfortably out of the gender role socialization we have all lived through in the West. That doesn't mean it's the only possible gender role socialization. The Bible reflects those same gender roles. But the Bible was written by men of the Christian west.

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love and peace, jeanne

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