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Church Attendance
My World on May 19, 2005

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Created: May 19, 2005
Latest Update: May 19, 2005

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Index of Topics on Site Is There a Minister, er Rabbi, er Buddhist in the House? Church Attendance: My World on May 19, 2005.

Miko wrote on May 18, 2005:

when i was in the military i would ask the chaplain's if they had anyone who could minister to me. i would claim i was a satanist, a muslim, a buddhist. the works, and not once were they ever able to accomadate. so to read something like this going on at the air force academy does not surprise me. believe you me, this has gone on for quite some time it's just now that they are embolden to be outright because of who we have in office.

How weird, Miko. If I were Rabbi, and you asked for religious counsel, and you said you were a Satanist, I could still minister to you. I could not share your beliefs, but I could comfort you in your concerns if you expressed them in good faith, because that's what a minister or a Rabbi or a Priest does, unless there is adequate provision for all religious representatives. Miko, could you counsel someone of good faith, considering that their faith was different from yours? See what I mean? That's why the military predicament looks so scary. The Dalai Lama regularly counsels us all. Think on it.

And I didn't mean that you should write extensively now. But I like it when you write. You do have an A anyway. jeanne

More later . . .

love and peace, jeanne

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