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Art for Love 1A:
My World on June 1, 2005

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Created: May 29, 2005
Latest Update: June 1, 2005

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My World on June 1, 2005.

The New York Times published an article on "Using Art to Build Pride." I know that that's denigrated in most of our educational establishments as a woman's (not feminist) emotional approach. Of all the cockamamy excuses for putting down the female in each and every one of us!! Since Freud we've known darned well that there's more to communication and relationships than conscious cognitive behavior. In Love !A we'll address this issue extensively.

Some of the things we'll want to talk about:

  • equality as fairness (Rawls) and a level, or at least not 45 degree angle playing field.
  • gender - the male and female in each of us; the yin and yang. The inappropriateness of duality.
  • social class - including the whole NYTimes series running now: Class Matters.
  • immigration - do you count if you're not "one of us?"
  • presentation of self in everyday life - Goffman - which parts of you do you talk about? which do you hide? which do you wish you could hide?
  • fine art - Using Art to Build Pride How can fine art help you understand better the parts of you and your willingness to open them up or hide them?
  • producing art - The Naked Space Exhibits, and how they provide a forum to catalyze illocutionary discourse.
  • Why don't you see if there are things you'd like to add to this list?

More soon. Gotta run,
love and peace, jeanne

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