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The Other:
My World on August 14, 2005

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Love Doesn't Conquer All; Neither Does Reason

Love Doesn't Conquer All;
Neither Does War
And What Shall I Say to the Other Who Will Not Listen? (Bakhtin)

California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Created: August 14, 2005
Latest Update: August 17, 2005

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I started this piece yesterday, based on one of my comments, Message No.5521, on transform_dom our dicussion forum. I had told Beau that we need to love the Other; and he had responded that love doesn't conquered all. I found myself agreeing with him, and struggling to find solid ground to start our course in Love 1A this Fall. But my words flew off to another software program where draw and painting made it easier to share what I was feeling. This week's painting was my very hesitant response as I thought on Bakhtin's question, What shall I say when the Other can answer?

Arnold and I took out several hours. I went to Vroman's and bought more books, the better to consider you with. Right now, I've got to go write and upload the lectures you'll need to go with them. But I'll be back to this later.

love and peace, jeanne

love and peace, jeanne

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