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Me, Too - and Illocutionary Discourse:
My World on October 10, 2005

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jeanne's first version of Me, Too

Me, Too! Where's Mine?

California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Created: October 10, 2005
Latest Update: October 10, 2005

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Jeanne's World and Welcome To It
I posted this last Spring, and figured I'd better post it again, before some of you start sending "me, too's" and "where's mine?"
  • jeanne's first version of Me, Too Me, Too. Where's Mine? My World on April 11, 2005 For goodness' sakes please read what I'm trying to do with the grades. I can only go so fast. I know you want your grades. That's why I'm trying to build these templates to get them to you. jeanne

    I'l bet I could decorate a great box on this one. Everyone shouting "Me, too!" and then we open the box to find 250 students. I guess we'd have to have fairly little balls to get in 250, hmmm?

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