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jeanne's response to Dante McGalen's Fukeritaville
By Dante McGalen,
This painting was done in response to Dante McGalen's poem, which arrived on Saturday, August 24, 2002. Since the painting based on Los Desparecidos de Guatemala had been up the previous week, I figured I'd better to change to a new one, so we won't get the issues mixed up. In my response to Dante's poem, Fukeritaville, I saw a split between the normative hallway settings and the sanctity of my office, seen only through the keyhole. There are symols denoting the exlusion fostered by normativity and the hostility of competitiveness in the normatively administered hallways. The bars were an intended barrier, out of which woman has spiritualized, right through the keyhole of her office, into which MAN cannot find his way..

The keyhole represents both the deep mystery of woman, of Lilith, of a threatening bird about to poke its beak through the keyhole. But there you will also find Mother Earth, a virgin, a friendly extraterrestial, and MAN lifting his arms in an appeasing gesture to WOMAN. All this, because Dante's poem led me to reflexively consider my own authenticity of identity. Thanks, Dante.

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