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jeanne's version of the Getty's Indonesian Puppets
Performance Art
I got to the Getty's Indonesian Puppets while checking out old files to go with a new piece on art tools for teaching. The link was broken, and curiosity led to the file on Indonesian Puppets, from a show we saw last year at the Getty. The site said so much to me of alterity and recognition and transforming the disciplines along with the rest of the public sphere, that I wanted you to see them. Then I figured I wanted you to see them as I saw them. And so the painting.

Now, for art, alterity, and transforming discourse: what attracted me so to the Getty page on the Indonesian Puppet Performance is that it performs, at least if you have Flash, and it's a "powerfully creative" and imaginative way to present issues of alternative identities . It gets your attention. It tells a story of entertainment in Indonesia, and invites you to join in. Notice that I couldn't resist drawing my own version. And notice what I did with background color in this piece. It somehow seemed natural, the very bright colors. Having just come home from the area, Thailand, the bright colors are still fresh in my mind. But I split them. That also seemed natural and reminiscent of a culture caught in two worlds as they modernize.

As I came upon them on the Getty site, I felt drawn by recent familiarity. That's the value of narrative. Hearing the stories, seeing the images, one becomes accustomed to them. They become familiar, not strange. That awareness makes it easier for their voices to be heard, for us not to make unstated assumptions about who and what they are, but to listen to their voices tell their story. Go to Interacting with Art to visit the Getty performance. And go to Powerfully Imaginative Speech for Donna Woods' comments on Maria Pia Lara' theoretical perspective on recognition. jeanne

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