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In honor of all those who have given their lives that we may one day have a better world. September 11, jeanne.

jeanne's remembrance of September 11 after reding Enough Already!
Enough! Enough flag-waving, enough violence,
enough nationalism. Enough already.

Essay By American Afshin Levy in 'The Iranian,' sent to Lisa by a friend, and then sent on to us by Lisa J. Stevens.

On Tuesday, September 10, 2002, Lisa J. Stevens sent me this e-mail. It speaks so eloquently of the illocutionary force of women's writing that it seemed important to share it with you on this day of remembrance. For the essay by Afshin Levyt, link to Enough Already! jeanne

jeanne's self-portrait of rage when women are told they're stupid
Kohlberg Now! As a Performative Illucutionary Act!
I don't care if you called us stupid, or if you merely used your superior position of authority to belittle us to the point that we concluded it on our own. I don't care if you are male or female. DON"T DO IT! It is oppressive; it is morally wrong; it is self-destructive to you as well as to us. DON'T DO IT!

Even though you may get away with it for a while, (Foucault would say it's all about power, of course), we are gaining strength, the strength to transform the social acceptance of such arrogance and stupidity - yours, not ours!

How dare you, whoever you are, imply to one of my students that she is stupid because she did not score as you thought she should on one of the Kohlberg moral development tests? HOW DARE YOU? It bespeaks only your own ignorance of the works of Gilligan, of Women's Ways of Knowing, of Chesler's latest work on our inhumanity to each other. PLEASE DON'T DO IT EVER AGAIN! And the please refers only to my own attempt to bury my rage in illocutionary speech acts. Maybe later I can bring myself to hear in good faith whatever you have to say in your own defense, whoever you are. But I heard and saw the student you demoralized. And I hereby present my validity claim. Hear in good faith. jeanne

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