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Transparency for Peace

jeanne's first draft of We Are Scattered Without Our Stories

We Are Scattered Without Our Stories

jeanne's first draft of Our Stories Give Us History and Identity and Aesthetics and Morality

Our Stories Give Us History and Identity
And Aesthetics and Morality

Transparency is one of the important issues coming up in the aftermath of Enron, and in the aftermath of the FBI and CIA failures to appropriately analyze the warnings of September 11. Transparency relates to information control. To those who have the power to do so making decisions in secret and failing to include others with similar power in their decisions. The CIA neglects to tell the FBI what it has learned, and vice versa. The CEO and the Financial Director make decisions that will gain them millions, but neglect to inform other departments, other executives.

In California we have the Sunshine Laws, precisely to insist on transparency and to make it illegal to enage in secretive decision-making that affects the corporation (at least, it's public accounting), the agency, and the public. Follow this exchanage of information with New Profile's Dorothy Naor that attempts to bring the current Middle East activities to light, to create transparency, where all the information relevant to so many of us is heard in the public sphere, so that none of us will later need to fall back on the excuse for complicity: "I didn't know."

Transparency is guaranteed by CONNECTIONS of one to the other, in all our differences. We have become afraid to CONNECT. But we must connect, if we are to prevent inept, unethical leaders from acting and making poor to fatal decisions IN OUR NAME.

On Friday October 4, 2002, Dorothy Naor, of New Profile, posted a story to us who subscribe to New Profile. I bring it to your attention particularly this week, as we suffer through talk of a pre-emptive strike on Iraq, knowing that such an act would increase the likelihood of increased turmoil and killing in the Middle East. We are not yet within striking distance of Iraq, insofar as we know. Yet we are exposing others who are within striking distance. I had no time today, trying to prepare for Sunday's anti-war demonstration, and trying to decide how best to focus my energies as we face an almost probable pre-emptive war, to go in search of these statistics, as I would normally do. But Dorothy tells you where you can find, them, and I'll be glad to help you search, for checking authorities is essential.

But for now, I just want to remind you that Dorothy Naor is telling you what New Profile thinks, what they are seeing. We dare not refuse to hear them. My family is Jewish. That does not mean that I may exercise the privilege of denial, or of refusing to hear in good faith, genuine validity claims brought to our public sphere. If we fail to listen, and some day discover, as did the Germans, that in fact the validity claims told a relevant and terrible story, then we, like the Germans, may find that we have been complicit. There are no single perspectives on truth in this Twenty-First Century. It is time we recognize the pain we cause each other through our need for dominance, profit, unlimited markets, and unlimited portions of the world's resources. jeanne

The Many Stories of the Middle East
By Dorothy Naor of New Profile

Numbers Killed in Hostilities
Year: Palestinians:
Oct. - Dec.
2001, Sept. 29
to 2002

* 495 deaths of the 615 have occurred since Ariel Sharon became PM.

The statistics Dorothy asks us to make public and her story are at Recognition of Harm in the Middle East. Remember that numbers alone do not tell the sociological story. We must listen in good faith to the validity claims and to the sociological structure in which those figures are embedded. As Maria Pia Lara says, we must re-introduce the aesthetic and moral components to the rational empirical components on which we have falsely relied in exclusivity for so long. But the numbers alone do make an arresting statement, do they not? What do they mean? How do we claim and justify legitimacy before such numbers, giving equal accessibility to the validity claims to the citizens of the world? Habermas would say through reasoned governance discussions in the public sphere. Maria Pia Lara would add through illocutionary discussions that bring us to the point where reasoned governance discussions might be possible. This is about one of those illocutionary discussions - one with Dorothy Naor of New Profile.

Those of you who do not oppose the war should talk with your friends and others and bring your views to the classroom. This is the time for illocuationary discussions. Now. Before the war. Many of us oppose the war. But if a nuclear bomb exploded on Washington tomorrow, ignited by Saddam Hussein, we would have focused on the justice of a war which kills innocents, and missed the real possibility of life-threatening attack here at home. We have taken this position because we believe there are more effective ways to stand against Saddam Hussein than the killing of innocents. But none of us has access to the secret information that dictates national security, or to the will of God. None of us has any absolute knowledge of the TRUTH. What we do have is the meaningful voice of an informed people. Now is the time to use that voice in a demand for reasoned debate that respects the dignity of all, and that listens in good faith to the validity demands of all, for this is a world issue, not a sovereign US issue. President Bush can act within thescope of our sovereignty unilaterally. But he cannot have a world war without acknowledging the sovereignty and humanity of other nation-states that will be irreparably affected by any such war. Congress and the Senate do not have the moral or the sovereign power to permit that. jeanne

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New This Week NEW for the Week of October 7, 2002


Check out the Daily Site Additions No time to get up announcements. It's midnight, Saturday night, and we did the Peace March in Westwood today. jeanne

Turns out it was Sunday night. I lost a day to the Peace March and to losing my car. I'll catch up. One day. jeanne

Check out the links to each class schedule on jeanne's schedule. Uploaded assignment for Theory class for Thursday, Oct. 3 - find it by linking on jeanne's schedule: topics and links. More up soon. jeanne

MONDAY, Sept. 30: Dr. Phil on NBC, Channel 4 at 4 p.m. to interview family and friends of one of the young women who drowned in the sorority hazing incident. Comments up soon. jeanne Oct. 1, 2002.

jeannes weekly schedule. Will include links to your weekly schedule sheets as soon as I can get it up. Tonight I hope. You can also get there by linking to jeanne's classes on the weekly issue, under the blue angel icon. But I haven't fixed the link yet on the main page of the site. Soon. The conference took ALL day yesterday, but was worth it. love and peace, jeanne

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American Society of Criminology Annual Conference
Chicago, Tuesday, November 12 through Saturday, November 16.
Our first session is Wednesday morning at 9:30 a.m.

Participants by Alphabetical Index Link to Alphabetical Index of Participants. Then link to C for Curran and scroll down to Curran, or enter T for Takata. She's second on the list, so you won't even have to scroll. Link on the session number for a description of the session and for links to abstracts.

Jeanne and Susan have papers for four slots. That means that we can include students in most of those spots. If you are interested in attending and/or joining in the presentation, you need to let us know, so we can work together on the presentations. For me and Susan, the ASC is one of our primary professional associations. The opportunity to participate in this conference is an educational experience you will never forget. For some of you, employers may assist with travel funds. Maybe the school will help. But we need to move on this very quickly. Susan and I do not have any special funds available to get any of us there this year. So give a fund raiser! But reservations will need to be made soon. jeanne

Interim Evaluation Report on the Dear Habermas Project The interim report is offered so that students can look at the evaluation design and have meaningful input for the Spring 2002 Evaluation.

Grades and Learning Records - First Semester Report Enrollment is complete as of Fourth Week roster. Some comments are up, but many more will go up on Monday. I started with the comments files. Did 04, 05, 06, and 07. That got the middle ones in up first. I'll go back tomorrow to 03, and then to the lectures that have comments. And then I'll put up all the ones from my files that hadn't gone up yet. It may still take a few days. Sorry, jeanne.

* * *.Start of the discussion on the Lionel Tate Case Ken Padowitz sent us a letter from the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, discussing the case, to get us started on the issue of social justice, juveniles, and major crimes. UWP, you're welcome to join in this discussion. jeanne

  • On Thursday, Father Fabian Obi (Nigeria) and Father Ted Nelson Adjakpey (Ghana) visited with us in our Women in Society Class. Commentaries are up. More will go up on Monday. jeanne

    Lecture Notes, Study Notes, and Comments Index for Whole Set.

    Theoretical Musings for Us by Us

    • Subjectivity and Reflexivity in Qualitative Research Forum: Qualitative Social Research, Vol. 3, No. 3. Available online in English and German. I know it sounds like methods as much as theory, but then that makes sense, doesn't it, since they must be interdependent, at least, as I teach them.. The Introduction to this issue explains the whole quantiative/qualitative objectivity/subjectivity thing in plain English. Link added September 29, 2002.

      The Gaze More to come. I'll add the "mirror" from feminist writing, too. Link added September 29, 2002.

    • Sample Contents: Michael Daniels' Article on the Habermas-Foucault Debate Impressive article by a junior at Trinity Univesity in San Antonio. I plan to add explanatiory notes for those of you who may not have an adequate theory background for Michael's thesis, but restructuring the site has to come first. jeanne. Link added August 3, 2002.

    Stories of Lived Experience Lived Experience: Emancipatory Narratives

    Art Shenanigans

    • Snow White Illustrations Selected by Selected by Kay E. Vandergrift The list of illustration pages is at the end of the file. You'll have to scroll down. This is part of an entire site on teaching Snow White as a means of teaching how to get the meaning out of narratives and apply such reading to our own personal experiences:
      "The fact that teachers have assigned a particular text or even read that text aloud to students (either children or adult students of children's literature) does not necessarily mean that those students have read meaning into or out of that text. Without that process of meaning-making which is reading, there can be no progression to critical or theoretical judgment. Once this reading occurs, however, any further consideration of literary works has some general notions about the nature of literature, that is, some semblance of literary theory, at its core. Even the discussion of personal events from one's own life in response to a literary text is, in one sense, an implicit acceptance of the assumption that literature illuminates or instructs actual life experiences."

      If teaching is one of your interests, I suggest that you browse this site as a good source of learning material. jeanne Link added September 30, 2002.

    • Sample Contents: Ten Little Indians Miller Updegraff, Artist
      September Exhibition at Gallery 825, La Cienega Blvd. Fine art paintings invoke nostalgia which puts us in touch with our authentic history, contributing to transformed discourse. Link added August 7, 2002.

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    This is as far as I got this weekend. jeanne

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    Not up yet. I was dreaming. Learning Records took all weekend. jeanne

  • Soc 334: Women in Society
  • Soc 367: Sociology of Law
  • Soc 370: Moot Court and Social Justice
  • Soc 595: ReInterpreting Theory

  • A Sample of Inadvertent Possible Plagiarism! URGENT that you read!

    Thesis Projects

    • Essays on Thesis Praxis

        Reference Essays:

      • Pulling It Together How to get started writing once you've done your research. From Pat Acone's thesis project: Collaborative Writing in Online Education. Link added August 16, 2002.

      • Getting Started How to recognize what you've really been doing when you thought you were trying to do something else. Berthena Kemp's thesis project: Our African Heritage. Link added August 16, 2002.

      • Recharging Along the Way Millie Coulter has thought of changing topics frequently. Not because she doesn't want to write on her topic, but because barriers, institutional barriers, keep getting in her way. This is the problem of finding your authentic self in writing your thesis. How do you make the thesis fit you in spite of external institutional constraints? Lin to be added August 18, 2002.


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