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yikes!!! good stuff

Freesom to Learn Freedom to Learn

Freedom to Learn
Sometimes Called Distance Learning

On Thursday, December 10, Susan wrote:
it's been fun but crazy hectic, jeanne. i know it's been the same for you. i was on campus at 8 a.m. and didn't leave til 6!! averaging 100 emails a day. another 100 today. yikes!!! good stuff. and the lecture commentaries seem to work but i don't have time to do a links page like you did.
jeanne's comment: Shhh! Don't tell her how far behind I got with all the anti-war stuff. And don't tell her that I won't get the story on this up till tomorrow! Well, I'll try to get the stories up tomorrow. Lots of philosophy and social theory going on around here. jeanne. Saturday night around 1:30 a.m.

got home after running errands for 90 minutes (needed food, prescriptions refilled, etc. etc.) got home and was so completely exhausted and elise needed help with her spanish so i sat with her. wasn't good for much else (ha! ha! ha!).

got to get back to emails. it's fun, though. don't get me wrong. lots of learning and teaching going on (or to paraphrase elvis -- "a whole lot of learnin' goin' on!!!!!!)


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New This Week NEW for the Week of October 14, 2002


    Check out the Daily Site Additions.

    Index on Comments

    American Society of Criminology Annual Conference
    Chicago, Tuesday, November 12 through Saturday, November 16.
    Our first session is Wednesday morning at 9:30 a.m. Marci, Pat has the flight info.

    Participants by Alphabetical Index Link to Alphabetical Index of Participants. Then link to C for Curran and scroll down to Curran, or enter T for Takata. She's second on the list, so you won't even have to scroll. Link on the session number for a description of the session and for links to abstracts.

    Jeanne and Susan have papers for four slots. That means that we can include students in most of those spots. If you are interested in attending and/or joining in the presentation, you need to let us know, so we can work together on the presentations. For me and Susan, the ASC is one of our primary professional associations. The opportunity to participate in this conference is an educational experience you will never forget. For some of you, employers may assist with travel funds. Maybe the school will help. But we need to move on this very quickly. Susan and I do not have any special funds available to get any of us there this year. So give a fund raiser! But reservations will need to be made soon. jeanne

    Theoretical Musings for Us by Us

    • Empowerment with Theory: Hermeneutics and Law Enforcement Dante McGalen questions with a deep and troubling authenticity why we continue to deny the aesthetical sphere and the illocutionary discussions that are part of the training for the public sphere discussions that should be involved in making our crucial social and criminal justice decisions. Yes, hermeneutics should be a part of it. Yes, interpretive sociology and interpretive criminology have been outshouted by positivism. Yes, we need to educate ourselves and our communities to hear in good faith, to respect the Other, and to trust in each other again. Link added October 12, 2002.

    • Education as the Normative Dimesnion of Philosophical Hermeneutics By David Blacker. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Link added October 12, at the behest of Dante McGalen.

    • Paul Ricoeur and the Hermeneutics of Suspicion: A Brief Overview and Critique by G. D. Robinson Backup. Link added October 12, at the behest of Dane McGalen.

    • Sample Contents: Michael Daniels' Article on the Habermas-Foucault Debate Impressive article by a junior at Trinity Univesity in San Antonio. I plan to add explanatiory notes for those of you who may not have an adequate theory background for Michael's thesis, but restructuring the site has to come first. jeanne. Link added August 3, 2002.

    Stories of Lived Experience Lived Experience: Emancipatory Narratives

    jeanne's Oh, NO, Complicity!

    Oh, NO! Complicity!

    Art Shenanigans

      Jean-Michel Basquiat, the Wild Child

      This is a wonderful photo of Jean-Michel that one of you sent me earlier in the semester. I was still restructuring the site format and didn't get it up then. Please be sure to let me know your source, so I can identify it. I have most of the Basquiat books, but it could take a while to hunt for the source.

      What appeals to me narratively in this photo is the wild dreadlocks coupled with a taming of the whole hairdo that throws into question the subjective authenticity of Jean-Michel. From my study of his artwork and my reading of his life, I gather that he despised inauthenticity, which he encountered continuously in the wealthy New York art world. The jacket could be of African-woven mudcloth, or off the rack of a thrift store. Even the cigarette could reflect the time we've taken in shooting the portrait or could be a butt picked up off the street. This feels like defiant subjective inauthenticity - or is it defiant subjective authenticity? Who is he - this wild child? Link added October 12, 2002.

Rose Barnaby's response to the Israeli bus driver who raced to save the people on his bus from a suicide bombing.

Rose Barnaby's response to the Israeli bus driver who raced to save the people on his bus from a suicide bombing.

Crystal and Ideology.
Story yet to come. Link added October 12, 2002.

By Mandy Unversagt

Earth as We Smother and Pollute Her.
Story yet to come. Link added October 14, 2002.

  • Sample Contents: Animations by Pat Grugan
  • An Animation of the Surplus Theory of Value This is a delightful animated cartoon, to which I was alerted by the Kapital Gang, a listserv. It is so beautifully done that even little ones should be able to understand it. Then you need to explain to them that we must treat each human, including all those who work for a living, with respect and dignity. Don't forget to add that, or your little ones may grow up thinking capitalism is a monster. The enemy is not capitalism. The enemy is us and the specific ways we have embedded capitalism in our lifeworlds.

    Now I'd like to see someone create a third leader for the animation. A leader who has digested Habermas and Mia Pia Lara and Paulo Freire, and lots of other theorists we consider. How could that leader transform the capitalist world presented here to a more just social world?

    There's also an animation on globalization. I think this one might make sense to children at middle school level. Share with me some of the explanations you would need to go with the animation to clarify the concepts for middle school children. Converesely, think about sharing these animations with adults who haven't yet grown used to a world that is trying to learn to be self-reflexive and question its own unstated assumptions.

    One of the Kapital Gang listserv replied to these cartoons:

    "The animations were good. But I'm not so sure about the text about out of every $100 turnover, manufacturing workers get only $17. The text implies that only production workers are workers. Capitalists won't employ people who don't produce surplus value unless they are really forced to. I find it easy to argue that teachers and designers produce value. I'm not so sure about lawyers."

    Defense of lawyers, anyone?

    Site Teaching Modules Scholarly Resources

    • European Graduate Students Site on Jean Baudrillard Link addded October 16, 2002.

      Ralf Dahrendorf Link added October 16, 2002.

    • Concept Linking: Connecting the Concept, "apperceptive mass" How we used apperceptive mass to help construct our site index. Link updated September 30, 2002.
    • And How to Concept Link to Get an A. Fixed a link and checked link on September 30, 2002.

    • Sample Contents: Virtual Faculty
      "Our delineation of the subject matter of psychology has to take account of discourses, significations, subjectivities, and positionings, for it is in these that psychological phenomena actually exist. For example, an attitude should not be seen as a semipermanent mental entity, causing people to say and do certain things. Rather, it comes into existence in displays expressive of decisions and judgements and in the performance of actions. Each reconceptualization helps to draw attention to the fact that the study of the mind is a way of understanding the phenomena that arise when different sociocultural discourses are integrated within an identifiable human individual situated in relation to those discourses. (Harré and Gillet, 1994: 22)."

      Isntitute of International Studies University of California, Berkeley. Link added October 16, 2002.

    Topic Categories on Site. Classes, Workshops, and Lifelong Learning

    This is as far as I got this weekend. jeanne

    Classes and Lifetime Learning

    Plausible Reading and Study for Week 5:
    Not up yet. I was dreaming. Learning Records took all weekend. jeanne

  • Soc 334: Women in Society
  • Soc 367: Sociology of Law
  • Soc 370: Moot Court and Social Justice
  • Soc 595: ReInterpreting Theory

  • A Sample of Inadvertent Possible Plagiarism! URGENT that you read!

    Thesis Projects

    • Essays on Thesis Praxis

        Reference Essays:

      • Pulling It Together How to get started writing once you've done your research. From Pat Acone's thesis project: Collaborative Writing in Online Education. Link added August 16, 2002.

      • Getting Started How to recognize what you've really been doing when you thought you were trying to do something else. Berthena Kemp's thesis project: Our African Heritage. Link added August 16, 2002.

      • Recharging Along the Way Millie Coulter has thought of changing topics frequently. Not because she doesn't want to write on her topic, but because barriers, institutional barriers, keep getting in her way. This is the problem of finding your authentic self in writing your thesis. How do you make the thesis fit you in spite of external institutional constraints? Lin to be added August 18, 2002.


      Site Teaching ModulesEvaluation of Site Teaching Practices

      • Reference:
      • Index of Site Teaching Modules
        With teaching essays, analyses of texts, discussion questions, field activities, and self tests.
      • Module List Each essay or article paired with its Practice Module. Notation clarifies when Practice Module not yet uploaded.

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