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jeanne's new world order

What Elephant?

This week's story matters a whole lot to me. The elephant is one I met in Thailand, Chiangmai, to be exact, at the Masa Elephant Camp. I have a photo of us riding her (him?) And the photo is a lot about denial. I know the elephant is really pink in denial paintings, but this one was just elephant-colored. So I gave her pink polka dots. That should do. And her story is so very sad. They no longer need her in Thailand to do the heavy construction, so there's nothing left for her to earn a living, but to ask tourists to go for a ride on her back. Exciting, yes? But ever so sad, when we realize that she, and all the people who once worked with her are now no longer needed in the "productive economy" of Thailand. That's the pink part - the dots of DENIAL, that manage to overlook the harm we cause to Others, and the extent to which we DENY that harm.

This week: States of Denial by Stanley Cohen. Polity Press. 2001. Think AWARE.

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Merriam-Webster Dictionary Search:

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New This Week NEW for the Week of October 28, 2002


    Powerful poem on war and killing and who we are. War and the Killing of Our Sons. Link added November 7, 2002.

    Weekly Schedule: I DID IT! I DID IT! I DID IT! Well, Almost. I'm Doing It.
    Well, I almost did it. At least I got started, and I was on the right track. I need MORE TIME!

    Grades and End of Semester:

    Records of Learning Just started to update them. Many comments still to go up. jeanne Please be sure to e-mail me and/or come in to see me this week so that you do not need to worry about grades while I'm in Chicago. jeanne

    Health: Check out Chana Dal and Help with Diabetes


    • Hunger No. 1 Health Problem in World Backup.

    • Living Wage Issue Put in Voters' Laps By Martha Groves. "The measure on the Santa Monica ballot will culminate a years-long battle over mandating a base pay for workers in the city's tourism zone." P. B 1. October 31, 2002. Los Angeles Times. California Section. Backup. These are the "unseen" others we choose not to hear about. Take the time to read the story. Then think on the importance of stories to social justice.

      Merit Scholarships, NY Times. Photo by Tami Chappell. Tami Chappell for The New York Times
      "Kristin McKenna considered going to college in California before receiving a merit scholarship at the University of Georgia, and a car."

    • B's, Not Need, Are Enough for Some State Scholarships By Greg Winter. New York Times. P. A 1. October 31, 2002. Backup.

      Hiromi Yasui for The New York Times Hiromi Yasui for The New York Times.
      "Recent attacks on girls' schools in Afghanistan, as well as an anonymous letter, appear to confirm that Islamic militants have begun a campaign against the education of girls."

    • Attacks on Schools for Girls Hint at Lingering Split in Afghanistan By David Rohde. New York Times. P. A 1. October 31, 2002. Backup.

    • Elder Abuse Law November issue of the Daily Journal, Los Angeles' Legal Newspaper. Backup.

    Perspectives on Evil and Human Wickedness Conference
    20 to 25 March 2003, Anglo-American College
    Prague, Czech Republic

    New conference possibility: I expect that this will tie in with our work on denial and forgiveness. My only concern is that they have taken the path of personifying Evil. I prefer the concept that evil may be an absence of good. Perspective. Perspective. I've already written for information. Their website is We need to recall that many times words take on a life of their own. For some reason, such emphasis on "evil" and "wickedness" transport me almost instantly to medieval torture and witch hunts and the Inquisition. And I panic. My own nervous system seems to require more peace and centering than such an orientation provides. I do know that Satanic cults are alleged to exist; I do know that "evidence of some sort" does exist; but it all freaks me out. That doesn't mean that I have to deny it's existence. It does mean that I'm a pretty poor person for detecting more evidence, for interpreting that evidence, and for being a spokesperson for people who have come into contact with Satanic cults. I put aside my squeamishness enough tonight to write to the person in charge. Perhaps it's just the words. Or perhaps, here, too, I may not be the right person to deal with this group. At any event, I'll make it a practice to stay away from their title, and I will recognize that just because they're talking about the obverse of my concerns doesn't mean we don't have anything to say to each other.

    How to Get an A or a B

    Index on Comments
    New Comments, not yet Indexed Link added October 20, 2002. Will try to update this weekend, but the flu might win. jeanne Oct. 31, 2002.

    American Society of Criminology Annual Conference
    Chicago, Tuesday, November 12 through Saturday, November 16.
    We have two sessions on Thursday and two on Saturday. Susan had the Wednesday session changed. Check the conference schedule for times.

    Theoretical Musings for Us by Us

    Stories of Lived Experience Lived Experience: Emancipatory Narratives

    . . . . . .
    Michelle V. Agins/The New York Times . . . . . . . . . . . Reuters

    • Discovery of similar lived experience across race with Eminem Link added October 28, 2002.

      Some of the comments from this article that might catch your attention:

      • " . . . He's rapping about life — you know, stuff that we go through out here. Some of it's a goof, but some of it's real, and it sounds like it comes from the heart, you know. A lot of us can relate to that."
      • "He needs to calm down with all that crazy white-boy stuff — that fight music, yo. That's gonna get him hurt. He's a good lyricist. He should concentrate on that."
      • "I don't like him," he said of Eminem. "He talks about killing his wife in his songs. I don't care what she did to him. That's wrong."

      So what are the limits on rap, and similar genres? Is it wrong? Period. Even to fantasize it? Where does fantasy begin and life leave off? Do our kids know the difference? Can you prohibit fantasy? Do you want to?

      What does it say to us that such race crossovers are possible? Does it matter whether the story of his life that Eminem tells is true? What is truth?

      What does all this tell us about criminology and the definition of crime? When men and boys and women and girls are locked totally away from the rest of the population, are their lives about fantasy or about reality? How do those two interact? What happens if society so distances you from your lived reality that only fantasy beckons? Is there a way to recapture reality one day? These are some of the deeper questions we haven't asked frequently enough of prisoners and those who manage them, and of our children and ourselves who manage the children.

      Art Shenanigans

      recent photo

      • What role do color, line, form, outline play in evoking a response from this photo? We'll discuss this aspect of art in social theory and culture next week. jeanne Link added November 2, 2002.

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      late capitalism running after commodificatiion

      late capitalism running after commodification

    • Now, what on earth do you suppose I meant by this painting and title? Well, actually I drew it in a fun-filled moment at Art's Deli when my brother-in-law hadn't quite decided on whether he just didn't want to eat, or while he was checking out the quality of the corned beef, or when he was finally sitting down long enough to tell the waitress (who had graciously come by three times) hat she didn't know what she was doing, since after all, she wasn't from New York. Gee, I bet that surprised her!. It seemed like a good time to draw. And, needless to say commodification came to mind, and all the complaints that go with it. Then I thought how we couldn't get my brother-in-law to sit still for more than two minutes at a time, how I kept trying to crawl under the table with my pet cheetah, and my husband's look of absolute dismay because he couldn't think where he should run. Suddenly, I got it. It was funny. There we all were, properly shepherded by Pat. Oops, no, Pat wasn't there that night. Well, so we were unchaperoned, and probably running in more directions than our family of cats, while my brother-in-law complained that it wasn't Cantor's. We have a word for this in Yiddish: OY !!!!
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    • Sample Contents: Fireworks over the Statue of Liberty Link sent by Elise Zevitz, on Friday, November 1, 2002. Thanks, Elise.

    Site Teaching Modules Scholarly Resources

    • Everything Postmodern I like the site. There's even some interesting questions addressed, and some plausible answers given. Link added November 5, 2002.

    • Seville Statement on Violence Spain, 1986. UNESCO site. Be sure to take the time to browse on this human rights site. Link added November 4, 2002.

    • African Studies Association Links Page Link added October 28, 2002.
    • And How to Concept Link to Get an A. Fixed a link and checked link on September 30, 2002.

    • Sample Contents: Virtual Faculty
      "Our delineation of the subject matter of psychology has to take account of discourses, significations, subjectivities, and positionings, for it is in these that psychological phenomena actually exist. For example, an attitude should not be seen as a semipermanent mental entity, causing people to say and do certain things. Rather, it comes into existence in displays expressive of decisions and judgements and in the performance of actions. Each reconceptualization helps to draw attention to the fact that the study of the mind is a way of understanding the phenomena that arise when different sociocultural discourses are integrated within an identifiable human individual situated in relation to those discourses. (Harré and Gillet, 1994: 22)."

      Institute of International Studies University of California, Berkeley. Link added October 16, 2002.

    Topic Categories on Site. Classes, Workshops, and Lifelong Learning

    Let's have a Chana Dal Workshop and a Menopause Workshopwhen we get back from Chicago. And don't forget our Peace March and our Financial Aid March, for which there's a new article up on merit scholarships. Maybe one of these shoudl be a town forum. jeanne

    Classes and Lifetime Learning

    Thesis Projects

    • Essays on Thesis Praxis

        Reference Essays:

      • Pulling It Together How to get started writing once you've done your research. From Pat Acone's thesis project: Collaborative Writing in Online Education. Link added August 16, 2002.

      • Getting Started How to recognize what you've really been doing when you thought you were trying to do something else. Berthena Kemp's thesis project: Our African Heritage. Link added August 16, 2002.

      • Recharging Along the Way Millie Coulter has thought of changing topics frequently. Not because she doesn't want to write on her topic, but because barriers, institutional barriers, keep getting in her way. This is the problem of finding your authentic self in writing your thesis. How do you make the thesis fit you in spite of external institutional constraints? Lin to be added August 18, 2002.


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