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TOPIC OF THE WEEK: Justice Requires Transparency and
Demands an End to the Silencing of those Harmed.

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We shall no longer be silenced.

What is the acceptance of silencing? Complicity.

  • Not speaking out, either to others or at least within ourselves. Marx would have called it false consciousness: the belief that if I see no evil, and say nothing of what might be evil, then there will be no evil.
  • When I say nothing, others take that as acceptance, as agreement.
  • Many silenced voices provide the illusion of agreement (The United States Elections of 2000), so that those with the passion to do so (Derrick Bell, Ethical Ambition, "the Power in Passsion, pp. 17-37) can make themselves appear to have consensus.

Am I responsible for that complicity? Yes.

  • Protests may not empower the oppressed; but they make their voices and validity arguments audible. There can be no illucutionary discourse if we remain unaware of the Others we harm.
  • I am responsible for living my life ethically and morally to do no harm to others. (Rawls, Justice as Fairness)

Does my silence matter, when there are so many who are silent? Yes.

  • Each voice raised against the imposition of silence by those who are harming others raises the decibels closer to a crescendo that tears away the veil of legitimacy. We matter. Each of us. And each of us has a life to live with dignity and respect for ourselves and for the Other.

The Teach-In last week provoked strong feelings and a need to be heard, for me as well as for you. We felt the silencing happening around us, and we had spent an entire semester learning that silence supports complicity, maybe even borders on complicity itself. That is because there is power in denial of other voices, other perspectives. The one who gets to be heard takes all, when that one is the one to have access to a forum.

I'm pleased you answered. I don't have all your answers. The E-Mail quandrum is so humungous I'm still not getting my e-mail. Except I'm getting bits and pieces of it on Web Mail. Eeeekkk. This was a holiday weekend; so I had relatively little success finding techs. On Monday morning hopefully Eudora and Earthlink will be able to complete conference calls that just might make me accessible again. Until then, just bring in copies of what you've tried to send. Eventually they'll get through, and we'll function with the copies till then. None of this affects e-mail you'd already sent. It only affects what you were trying to send in the last two weeks. I haven't worried about it too much, because all of us recognize that you must have been in touch with me all along anyway.

For our comments and feelings on the Anti-War Teach-In, see Reactions and Comments to the Anti-War Teach-In

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New This Week NEW for the Week of December 2, 2002


TOPIC OF THE WEEK: Justice Requires Transparency and Demands an End to the Silencing of those Harmed

I'd like to give thanks on this day of Thanksgiving, not for our victory over the indigenous peoples, but for our finally coming to the knowledge that we must all play a just and fair role in the society we create through our individual strivings to live lives of meaning and worth and to make this world a better place and to reduce the suffering brought by the greed that fostered colonialism.

For any who need reference on my suggested that greed was primarily what underlay colonialism, read King Leopold's Ghost on the story of the Congo. Not, however, before your turkey dinner. King Leopold could ruin it for you forever. For good inspiration, read Derrick Bell's Ethical Ambition.

Reinterpretation of Theory:

Kids, the abolute collapse of my e-mail system means that I haven't received your responses, most of them, on this. Hopefully, Monday morning they will be able to take care of the e-mail, and we could begin this dialog. Meanwhile be sure to let me know your perspective, so we're sure to include it. jeanne - Sunday, December 2, 2002.

On Asking Bishop Oxon to Reinterpret the Effect of the Market Economy on Poverty. Link updated December 2, 2002.

Theoretical pieces I'm working with for theory publication and for teaching Sociology of Reality as a curricular project in the Spring, and as a course in the Fall of 2003. Remember that some of these pieces require an advanced background in theory. Others are more readily accessible. Please choose what is comfortable for you to read, and if you are interested in a difficult piece, e-mail your questions, or raise them in class, or personally.

Grades and End of Semester:

This section is designed to give you enough examples of my grading that you will have a very clear idea of what is expected of you for the grade you would like to earn. If you have failed to participate reasonably in this class, you have a problem. But then, you already know that, don't you? I'll try to put the grade records sheet up tomorrow. jeanne

Records of Learning

Just started to update the records. Sorry, it seems we needed all these comments up with my comments to establish interactive learning. Now that I've learned how to do that with you, please use the examples up. There is no way I have the luxury of several interactive sessions with each of you, since there are more than 200 of you. But recognize that many of those whose comments are up have not hd long private tutoring. We're using every moment available wherever it occurs. I won't be able to do any more until I return from Chicago. But that gives us weeks, three, I think. So we should all be OK. Meanwhile, I've begun to record these transactions on the Records of Learning Sheet. jeanne


Coping with Acknowledgment: What Do I Do When I Love Him Anyway?.The pain of dealing with domestic abuse. War in the private sphere front. This kind hurts worse; for this kind is interpersonal. Nowhere to escape to the not-personal. This is one of those deep questions about how can it be true and not-true all at once; how can I love that which harms me? what is love? Link fixed on November 10, 2002.

Making Sense of Menopause U.S. News & World Report. More and more we are learning that who we are is not a static quantity. We grow and change; we respond to chemicals that change our emotions and our physical well-being. We need to understand ourselves, and spend a little illocutionary time with ourselves. Agnes is in charge of this semester's workshop on menopause. We'll probably hold it in our Feminist Theory class in SCC A 153 on a T or Th morning.

Teach-in: November 24, 2002

Theoretical Musings for Us by Us

Stories of Lived Experience Lived Experience: Emancipatory Narratives

Art Shenanigans

Watercolor of Le Corbusier

I really liked the simplicity of the painting, the willingness to capture just the feeling without specific detail. Read the article when you have time, and I'll get up an essay shortly. jeanne

The article: Icy Genius With a Taste for Order By Roberta Smith. Backup 1. Backup 2.