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Volume 15, No. 4, Weeks of January 20 and January 27, 2003

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Martin Luther King, Jr. and Social Justice

Martin Luther King at the "I Have a Dream" speech at the Lincoln Memorial in 1963
Associated Presss Photo from the Seattle Times, Photo No. 4 in the Photo Gallery.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers Project at Stanford University.
Study Guide at the Seattle Times.
Martin Luther King, Jr., and the African-American Social Gospel,
Articles by the Staff of the King Papers Project at Stanford.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was one of the inspirations for the Critical Race Theory (CRT) movement in the last few decades. That movement was founded on the theories of philosophers, such as those of Antonio Gramsci and Jacques Derrida, and on "the American radical tradition exemplified by such figures as Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglss, W.E.B. DuBois, Cesar Chavez, Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Black Power and chicano movements of the sixties and early seventies." (Richard Delgado and Jean Stefancic, Critical Race Theory, 2001. New York University Press. At p. 4.) CRT now provides one of our major sources as we ponder social justice.


Susan's photos from ASC in Chicago.

In and Out of the Professional Closet
Our University of Wisconsin, Parkside Team

Imagine our dismay when we discovered that the American Society of Criminology (ASC) had mistakenly scheduled two sessions for one room. Not possible. Susan phoned for help, and jeanne went off to survey the situation. We found a closet! Yes, a closet! But it was a wonderful closet with huge comfortable desk chair s. Of course, no one else could find us, since we were in a closet, but nevermind. We had a great time. The tale is recounted and jeanne's painting of it on an old issue. And this week, Susan's photos arrived. Ah, memories. We're a little slow with them, but, then, we are teaching cross-country. I expect to see comments up from all of you soon. Enjoy! jeanne


See also, CSUDH's Michael Griffin at West Coast Antiwar Rallies.


New This Issue NEW for the Weeks of January 20 and 27, 2003


January 17, 2003: I've tried to switch over to a new format in which I'll only start an issue every two weeks. I'll follow the same pattern. I'll try to set it up on the preceding Friday, and then add to it slowly over the two week period. In order to make it easier to follow, I'll try to remember to post a date in front of each item so that you can tell whether it's new or not. I'll also try to keep the main issue page short, and link to more extensive treatments. Hope this works. jeanne

Martin Luther King, Jr. and Social Justice

Spanish Language Resources:

Reorganizing the section available in Foreign Languages. Just started on this. jeanne. January 23, 2003.

Spanish Language Sites and Materials

Thesis Materials:

Grades and End of Semester:

Pat and jeanne are planning to attend the Justice Studies Association conference in Albany in late May. Grades for all work with Sociology of Reality will need to be turned in before we leave. Please note that in your calendars. Also note that you are welcome to submit conference materials with us and attend the conference. You just need to let us know early enough for us to schedule it. jeanne

Records of Learning: Comments

January 16, 2003: Held over from last issue. Asking the Wrong Question By Anitra Shields (CSUDH). This comment offers some good insight into techniques of writing comments for a grade. Avoid big issue questions for which there is no conceptual link to your course. This particular comment is on the War with Iraq.


  • "BAD" Mothers:

    • January 22, 2003: It is with great pleasure that jeanne reports that jeanne and Arnold (jeanne's husband) ARE NOT "bad parents" as they were accused when seeking to adopt a kitten years ago. When asked if they would "declaw" it, they said emphatically they would not (pace all the destroyed furniture from cats past). They were rejected as parents and not permitted to adopt a kitten, on the grounds that that meant they would let the kitten outside in the dangerous environment in which they live (Hollywood Hills, replete with racoons and deer and possums and coyotes.

      We are pleased to report also that the new cat on the block, King Tut, is NOT declawed, although one of his friends, the neighbor cat, Racer, had his front claws removed. Interestingly enough, Racer still comes over to play with King Tut and Arnold, and he goes outside regularly. He's not a cat to be locked in. So there, pet society who wouldn't let us have a cat.

      Read all about pet declawing in: Legality of Banning Cat Declawing to Be Studied by Nita Lelyveld. Los Angeles Times. At p. B 5. Backup.

  • Theoretical Musings for Us by Us

    A Review Plan for Theory Study Guide for comprehensive exams and for reference.
    Classics in the History of Psychology
    A Sociology Timeline from 1600 by Ed Stephan. Good history of Sociology.

    • Abortion and Choice

      January 23, 2003:The Ideology of Population Assistance by Maria Sophia Aguirre and Cecilia Hadley. To find the article link to Population and Famiuly Issues in the left-most frame. Backup.

    • Conflict and Cooperation

    • Critical Race Theory

    • January 24, 2003: Relationships to Encourage Education Some critical discussion of a study summarized in the Chronicle of Higer Education.
    • Family

      January 25, 2003: Family Institute and Articles on Ethics Catholic. Have only the link up. Will get to essay soon, I hope. But articles could give you ideas for broader themes. jeanne

    • Health

      1. Gene Therapy and Stem Cell Research

        • January 23, 2003: The Coalition of Americans for Research Ethics Link provided by So expect a right perspective.

        • January 18, 2003: Gene Therapy Human Genome Project. Government Resource. Good basic guide to information on gene therapy and stem cell research, which should help you understand recent progress and concerns with diseases like diabetes and Alzeimer's.

        • January 18, 2003:Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues on Gene Therapy. Human Genome Project. Government Resource. Good source for conceptual linking to our social justice issues.

    • Poverty

    • Religion

    • Social Class in the United States

    • Statistics and Methods:

    • Violence and War:

    • Work and Workers:

    • January 21, 2003.Market Competition and the Organizational Demand for Skills Empirical evidence from Swiss Industrial and Service Enterprises. By Hans Geser. University of Zurich. July 2001.

      1. Work and Adversarialism

        Competition and Its Concomitants in the Corporate World

      2. Work and Motivation

        January 17, 2003: The topic of work fits integrally into our discussions of having to make our own decisions, and to recognize the scale of perspectives on which those decisions are based. At the conservative end of the spectrum on work is theory X that says that workers won't work unless you force them, too. At the liberal end of that spectrum is theory Y that says that workers find satisfaction in their work and will work most effectively if you just give them the chance. And this spectrum of attitudes toward work is at the basis of all management theory.

        Consider our closet at ASC as an example. . . .

    • Stories of Lived Experience Lived Experience: Emancipatory Narratives

      January 18, 2003: Banana Workers Get Day in Court By David Gonzalez with Samuel Loewenberg. New York Times, Business Section, at p. B 1. This tells the story of damage done by the insecticide, DBCP, which has rendered many banana workers in Nicaragua sterile, and/or is alleged to have caused serious illness, such as cancer. Backup.

      Art Shenanigans

      • January 22, 2003: Eddie Breen's Piggyback Art

      • January 17, 2003: Interview with God Sent in by Rebecca McLaughlin (UWP). Beautiful scenery. Nice message. Thanks, Mac.

      • Michael Griffin (CSUDH) at West Coast Peace Rallies:

        . . .
        Michael says: "try these - both off the wire - one from cnn, the smaller one,
        the larger from AP, taken from yahoo:"

        "Michael Griffin snaps a photo of an anti-war speaker during a protest against the United States' possible war with Iraq during a demonstration in downtown San Francisco, Saturday, Jan. 18, 2003. Griffin wore a manequin with the likeness of U.S. President Bush (news - web sites) as king of the world. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)"

        Great costume, Michael. Now, I'll really have to hunt up some serious "defense of war" articles to balance the educational scales. I read some good ones last week, but was still too lazy to put them up. Guess you'll keep me on my toes, hmmm? School starts next week. Then you'll have to do some of this homework. By the way, for any of you having trouble making it out, that bumper stick across Dubya's ermine coat says: BLOOD FOR OIL. Don't forget you have to look at both sides: left/right because you have to be prepared to make your own choices. jeanne