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David Bloom, NBC reporter embedded with the 3rd Infantry Division, Died Sunday, April 6, 2003 outside Baghdad.

We miss him.

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  • April 12, 2003: Schedule Change! Arnold's trial commitment was changed, and everyone's schedule but mine coordinated. We're going to leave for Mammoth on Thursday, April 17, so I'll come in on Wednesday, April 16 to meet with you. I'll make up the Thursday time the following week. jeanne

  • April 8, 2003: OK, I lied about catching up with everything. I slept and read newspapers all day. But I was trying to figure out how to pull it all together. And this is retirement! Hah! Betty got us a room - the Dean's conference room on the SBS floor of offices. It's right behind the restrooms. I don't want to think about what that means sociologically.
    • Class page for Sociology of Reality.

      • April 12, 2003: Cats: Love 'Em or Leave 'Em? by Ariana Rivera. Excellent submission for explaining how and why our measures of learning are different on Dear Habermas. Please read as a sample. jeanne

      • April 10, 2003: New project suggested this week on photo essays: don't miss it: Photo Essays.

      • April 14, 2003: Sample Request for Letter of Recommendtion Sample prepared by Jennifer Glass. Please read before you ask for a letter! jeanne

    • Theses:

      • April 10, 2003: Carolyn Ibekwe has submitted her thesis on the health care system. Because I have that only in hardcopy it's impossible for me to work with it extensively. Primarily it gives no source identification for data which seems to rely on secondary analysis. Also it approaches the problem so globally that it has little potential for significant recommendations. Carolyn, you need to start sending this to me one e-mail so that I can transfer it over to my computer and we can work on it together. jeanne

      • April 10, 2003: Julie Gibbs. Have youir work on disk and will have it up tomorrow or the next day. Sorry that I seem to have gotten bogged down in an onslaught of theses. jeanne

      • April 9, 2003: Millie Coulter's thesis on the damage of labelling obesity as the fault of the obese person and seeing obesity as a social problem that can be resolved by changing the individual behavior of the obese person.

      • April 10, 2003: Berthena Kemp's thesis on wending her way through the barriers that keep us from managing to reach out and help one another.
        "Meanwhile I am involved in the Renascent Woman Project in Ghana. I was introduced to the director, Joycelyn Johnson during our Global Conference here in Los Angeles. These are women in Africa have chosen not to paricipate in some of the tribal traditions, such as women who because they are widowed are expected to submit to a Brother-In-Law as a wife, and even bear his children. She must live by his dictates. Particularly in the time of the great AIDS epidemic this offers a sure death. These women face emotional bondage and dead-end choices. Being misused, forgotten and hurt leaves an imprint upon one's being.

        The goal of the Renascent Woman Project is to help women rid themselves of things which have held them in bondage and kept them from discovering and fulfilling their potential.

        Hopefully I will be able to participate in some of their learning centers for women to rediscover the joy of being."
        Berthena Kemp, on her thesis topic, April 8, 2003.

        Berthena, this sounds like an extraordinary project. All I counsel is that you remember how many roadblocks we have encountered with such projects over the last year. I hope that you will be able to follow this one to Africa, but with the Thesis Project done first, please. Just remember that if that does not come to pass, your thesis is still within your grasp, as the project on clearing roadblocks on which you have already put in long months of work. jeanne

      • April 10, 2003: Stealing Innocence: A Parole Agent's Perspective: On working with Sexual Predators Chapter 1. Charles Barlow. Charles, as soon as I have our rvision of Chapter 1, I'll try to get up further revisions. But that's very hard to do when I don't have your response to my initial revisions. A word to all the M.A. Thesis students: Don't take time off. Keep going. We gotta finish. jeanne

      Understanding Illocutionary Discussion in
      Post-War Setting

      As we approach an end to the Saddam regime, it becomes ever more important that we all learn to listen and talk to one another. For this and next week, please read dialogue and conversation From UK. Good review of theorists we'll want to include in our discussions on how we manage the world now that we have the aftermath of this war to deal with.

      Attiutudes change slowly, no matter how hard we work at attempts to change them. Nota bene the global effects of the US attempt to convince the world that the war with Iraq was a just war. In order to understand an illocutionary approach to post-war events, you'll need to look at what's being said around the world. Bear in mind that each of these news sources, and any others you may wish to use, represent political perspectives. If you are to listen in good faith, remember that your goal is to try to understand how those who are voicing these views feel, and why they might feel this way. We need to go through that step before we can approach real governance issues.

      Meanwhile, start with Already, Postwar Iraq Is a Divisive Subject and War in Iraq Provides Model of New Way of Doing Battle to see how the discussions are going to look. jeanne

      See also A Picture Story of the Fall of Baghdad.

      In order to develop some sort of comparative sense for issues in the Middle East presently, I am beginning to put up some summaries fro Power and Responsibility in Chinese Foreign Policy. Although you might think of foreign policy as belonging to the realm of political science, this is an important illustration of why we in sociology cannot afford to ignore other disciplines. Human rights, the oppression wrought by fear of loss of control, the normative expectations through which we carry on our daily lived experiences are shaped our sense of power and responsibility. And our foreign policy reflects the way we shape and maintain our interpersonal relationships.

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      Theoretical Musings for Us by Us

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      KIDS' Stuff

      Helping Your Student Get the Most Out of Homework National PTA. National Education Association. Link added April 13, 2003.

      New for Kids

      • How I Feel

        jeanne's first version of Being Painted Black

        Art Shenanigans

        • April 15, 2003: Tatiana Melendez' resonse to Laura Phillips' Being Painted Black

          Paul Klee: Untitled.

        • April 11, 2003: From the Djerassi Collection of work by Swiss Modernist Paul Klee, assembled by Dr. Carl Djerassi and placed in SFMOMA’s care . . . The exhibit will continue through June 8, 2003, in San Francisco, of course. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Klee's work has always enchanted me. He has a delightful sense of play. jeanne

        • Painted contact sheet by William Klein. Painted contact sheet by William Klein.

          See An American Skeptic Consider how work captured by painters such as William Klein here reminds us of the socially constructed nature of fat and thin and the sardonic attitude of the corporate world that continually tempts us with quick unhealthy food.

          Do you know what sardonic means?

          Merriam-Webster Dictionary Search:

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        Painting by Michelle Coffey.

        Painting by Michelle Coffey at Lankershim Art Gallery, L.A.
        Was e-mailed an invitation for Lankershim Gallery's April 10th Reception.
        Don't know the painter. But the feeling of this piece says for me what I felt
        upon hearing that David Bloom had died in Iraq. jeanne

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        Critique Group - jeanne's right next to Picasso

        Art Critique Group - jeanne's right next to Picasso

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        jeanne's Bird at Play

        Bird at Play in a picturesque world where the state has the right to come into your house and kill your pet bird to protect the chicken industry. An article in I think the LA Times today. Will put it up tomorrow, when it doesn't hurt so much. To protect the chicken industry! jeanne