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Latest Update: April 17, 2003

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Topic of the Week:

Photo by jeanne or Arnold, in Florida, of duck with reflected illusions.

Illusion and Reality

This is a photo that Arnold or I took in Florida, a couple of years ago, when we were visiting the Dali museum. I chose it for this week's image because it's such a good example of reality merging into illusion. The duck is real; the images that surround him are illusion. Where does the one become the other?

The phase of turning Iraq over to the Iraqis, which I hope and pray, we will do as promised, is a phase in which we're going to need to share both each other's reality, and each other's illusions. Maybe one day I'll find the time to paint it.

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New This Issue NEW for the Week of April 21, 2003
Previous Issue: Weeks of April 7 and April 14, 2003


Father Agjakpe of Ghana will be visiting with us on Wednesday, April 23, 2003. Please be sure you've read colonization and proselytization by then for our discussions. jeanne Last minute: Pat says he's going to come on May 21 instead.

OK, enough of this bi-weekly stuff. It's too much. And it doesn't seem to slow me down; the issue just gets longer. A student and very dear friend from 30 years ago called to say she needed us to ski at Mammoth over Easter. Strange request, but I'm getting used to strange requests. Most of them turn out to be fun. I decided to put up this hint at a new issue for next week, since I won't get back to L.A. till next Tuesday. Pat said she would still cover Thursday, April 17, for us, so those of you who need us can find her at school tomorrow. I'll be packing ski clothes, that barely fit, and imagining two old folks skiing down the mountain with their pants split. Maybe I'll paint that while I'm up there. Next week we're scheduled to meet on Wednesday, April 23, and we have the Dean's Conference Room in SBS behind the elevators. Same hours as usual, and I promise I'll try to be on time.

Please review the last issue because I've been trying to answer all your e-mail on the site, and sometimes I just plain forget to go back and alert you. One little piece of organizational structure I don't have under control yet. f Ive failed to answer you, please send an e-mail to alert me. I can't write whole essays for each submission, but I am trying to be sure that I answer each of you. If you'll read the weekly issue, my comments should help all of you. It's really a no-no not to follow the site. Remember, distance requires me to put my lectures on site, and requires you to read them. I know it's long, but you need to at least scan the weekly issue, or you'll clearly not be able to join in the discussion or meet the class requirements.

Happy Easter and Happy Passover weekend to all of you. I'll certainly return with stories. love and peace, jeanne

Thursday night, April 17, 2003: The Ongoing Saga of jeanne's e-mail: As of now, hours and hours and techs and techs later, my e-mail is functional and happy and I'm getting it. But in absolute desperation we wiped out 171 messages that I hadn't gotten because none of us could figure out where they were or how to get them. Now, I should be able to respond to your messages. Be sure to tell me when you come to class (or the office) if one of your e-mails went missing in that group. Sorry. Could somebody please lend me a nice normal computer problem to which they really do have answers? jeanne

  • Shared Discourse for Wednesday, April 23, 2003

    Things I'd like you to review for Wednesday, April 23, 2003, so we can all discuss them knowledgebly.

      April 17, 2003: Colonization and Proselytization Essay on Christianity in Africa as a prelude to understanding Christianity and Islam. Of major importance for illocutionary discussions now in the Middle East. Discussion questions included.

      April 16, 2003: How to Request a Letter of Recommendation Jennifer Glass' sample of a request. Please read this as a guide. It will help us both be more effective at writing good letters.

      April 16, 2003: Being Painted Black Poem by Laura Phillips, 16, of Port St. Lucie, Fla. The poem was published in Parade Magazine on Sunday, April 13, 2003, as the winner of a poetry contest judged by Billy Collins, Americas' Poet Laureate. Although the poem and Tatiana's response were up last week, I didn't do the painting until yesterday, April 15. I'd like to share the poem, the contents, and the painting, as they relate to illusion and reality, our Topic for the Week.

      April 16, 2003: Comment by Tatiana Melendez on Laura Phillips' Being Painted Black

      jeanne's first version of Being Painted Black

      April 16, 2003: jeanne's first version of Being Painted Black

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  • Sociology of Reality
    Class Page for Sociology of Reality

  • Theses

    • April 16, 2003: Berthena Kemp: Got your new material, Berthena. Check out my responses, and START WRITING. jeanne
      Restructuring Berthena Kemp's thesis.

    • April 16, 2003: Carolyn Ibekwe: Last week we discussed that I have only hardcopy which is impossible for me to work with extensively. Look at Berthena's work above to see what we need to do. Primarily, give source identification for data which seems to rely on secondary analysis. Also give more detailed approaches to the problem so that you will have more potential for significant recommendations. jeanne

    • April 16, 2003: Charles Barlow: Got whole thesis in WORD. I can work with that. But the way this works is that I make changes I think are needed, and you make those changes, and then, we go on. I can't anticipate how the changed copy is going to read until you make the changes as we go along. Waiting to hear from you on the Introduction to Chapter I and then on the rest of Chapter 1. jeanne

    • April 17, 2003: Jolie Gibbs. Has entire first draft of thesis in on disk. Abstract and start of chapter 1. Jolie, you're writing very well. I particularly like your description of the thesis as a learning tool. Because there is so little I need to change, I stopped highlighting my changes in green, and just started changing them as they were. I'll continue as fast as I can and will let you know each time I post another section. Thank you for your patience. I know it's hard getting my attention when you're away, and I have many more students than I had planned on. jeanne

    • No other progress last week on theses. jeanne

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    Theoretical Musings for Us by Us

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    KIDS' Stuff

    Helping Your Student Get the Most Out of Homework National PTA. National Education Association. Link added April 13, 2003.

    New for Kids this Week:

  • April 17, 2003: Westpoint At the American History Museum. Now, with the military playing such a big role in our lives, it seemed like a good time to take a close look at Westpoint.
  • The Magical Illusion of Niagra Falls

    The Magical Illusion of Niagra Falls

    Art Shenanigans

      jeanne's contemplation of the concept of male gaze interfering with female identity Link on image for larger version.

      jeanne's first version of tryinig to imagine the way that the male gaze interferes with women's ability to form an identity independent of male power. Some of the things I was playing with as I did this first version. A male, he tends to be larger than the females. Surprise. Size = power and authority. His head covers the head of the woman with whom I started. He just happens to block any view of her face, her identity? The first woman was Barbie shaped, slender with large boob, around which he has his right hand. But woman denies his ideal of her and shows herself large, almost as large as he is. Her boobs don't stand erect and inviting as Barbies'. Will we read that as he rejects her, and we tell her to diet? Or she rejects him, and denies him the power of the image she is creating of herself? She can deny him, but can she really make him go away, as they are shown here? They're in front of a mirror. The gaze. And another woman looks down on them from the mirror. She's not a blond Barbie. Her hair is dark and kind of spiked. She doesn't seem to reach into the group of bodies, or try in any way to change things, as far as I can tell. Then there's the right hand edge of the painting. A flower. One flower. One yellow flower. Spring colors. Woman's time. And the stem of the flower turns into a snake. Now we're back to Eden and Eve and Lilith. Could that be Lilith in the upper corner of the mirror? Hmmm, knowing me, I'll bet it could. I like Lilith. Notice that none of them are gazing at us. Well, maybe the snake is. We're just Peeping Toms here.

      What does it all mean? What does a dream mean? They are all images in my apperceptive mass. They draw fully on all the many stories I've known. But once it's out there on the Internet, it becomes your story, too. And it means whatever it says to you. When Berthena told me she disagreed with Dorothy Smith's discussion of the problem of the male gaze as being woman's only mirror, I never once thought of Eve and Lilith. But maybe I should have.

      A couple of pieces you might want to read on this until I get back to put up essays: