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Volume 16, No. 12, Week of May 26, 2003

Jeanne and Arnold are headed for New York and London and Scotland.
We'll bring back lots of stories and paintings and photos.
The last issue for Spring 2003 will be up until we return on June 15.
Summer Issues will start when we return.
You may contact Pat for grades: 310-521-8860.
love and peace, and sorry this was so unexpected. jeanne

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Topic of the Week: War and Illocutionary Understanding

War on the Brane. jeanne - version 8.

War as Creating Meaning and Identity

This week's topic was prompted by Chris Hedges' graduation speech at Rockford College. Trying to fit Chris Hedges' book in before I leave on vacation. More up soon. For now, please check out my notes at War After Iraq I know that some are going to think this is a left perspective. I understand that there was opposition to the speech at Rockford Colelge. I think the President of the college handled it very well. The problem was that those who were protesting were too quick to "know." If you hear him out, you will see that we must deal with this issue deeply, and honestly.

May 25, 2003: Also see Review of A Fresh View of the 'bad guy' Documentary by Errol Morris documentary on Robert McNamara and Vietnam, being shown at Cannes. Los Angeles Times. May 23, 2003, at P. E1. Backup. This piece on McNamara deals with the problem that McNamara is not the only one at fault, and is not always at fault. As always, even with the Vietnam War the results of our relationships are interdependent. We who were silent must answer as well as they who made such wrong decisions.

May 25, 2003: Also please see Restorative Justice Trust. As we examine both the war and the after of war, we come to realize that war and its concomitant local violence and crime are issues with which we all must deal, for which we are all responsible. We cannot ignore crime and its predators and reasonably expect those of the criminal justice system to undo all the screwed up interpersonal relationships that result. Rehabilitation and restoration of humane and caring relationships are a responsibility for us all. We'll discuss this extensively in Sociology of Knowing and in Re-Interpreting Theory in the Fall of 2003. jeanne

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