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Topic of the Week: How Shall I Know Thee?

How Shall I Know Thee?

From the Work Around Which My Life Is Constructed

Topic of the Week: How Shall I Know Thee?
Saturday, July 12. 2003: This week's topic is drawn from the text we'll be using in the Sociology of "Knowing" in the Fall semester. So often we exclude Others from our circle of individual transactions because they are different in some way. Marty Pottenger took on a major art performance in New York City in which she sought to change the social interactions we have with construction workers. She focused on City Water Tunnel #3. And she designed an art project to make New Yorkers aware of the importance of the people who constructed City Water Tunel #3 to everyone in New York.

Sunday, July 13, 2003: Art and the Workers of City Water Tunnel #3. Public Art Project by Marty Pottenger.

Friday, July 11, 2003: The Gunk Foundation: Grants for Public Art Projects
Friday, July 11, 2003: The Philosophy of the Gunk Foundation

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  • Saturday, July 12, 2003: Please pardon our mess. The Dear Habermas editorial staff, jeanne and Pat and Susan, Marlene Boykin, and Marlene Whittaker, are restructuring the site so we can all find what we're looking for. We're working on the Site Index, the Topic Index, and the New contents sheet for each week. We're also working on the Weekly preparation readings for both our CSUDH and our UWP classes and for our special workshops. We are doing this right in the middle of our regular issues, so sometimes we're a little messy. If a link doesn't work, or a thought wanders off, please e-mail us. We'll fix it. Honest.

  • Friday, July 11, 2003: Lectures and Discussion Questions starting to go up. Feedback welcome. Check out the class preparations pages. Today the first example is up for Susan's Corrections Class Preparations.

Essays, Links, and Comments

Theoretical Musings for Us by Us

  • Modern Social Theory: Basic
    • Child Care:
    • Criminology:

    • Human Rights:

    • Knowingness:

    • Religion:

      • Monday, July 14, 2003. Religion: The Bright Stuff By Daniel C. Dennett. A New York Times piece by A Tufts Professor of Philosophy. Backup

    • Social Class:

      • Friday, July 18, 2003. Working Class Issues: Rebel Graphics Site maintained by Richard Myers of Denver, Colorado. Leftist perspective, with strong focus on the working class, including unions. He has just organized an e-list on the Ludlow Massacre:
        "Group description:

        "List for historians, working folk, artists, labor activists interested in preserving the memory of the Ludlow Massacre of 1914 in Colorado. List purpose is exploring the specific history of the incident, discussing issues related to the archeological dig, discussing issues related to restoring the monument after recent vandalism. Some discussion of the history of struggle and sacrifice by working folk. Some discussion of other memorials and sculptures that commemorate those struggles. Minor focus on the music, art or poetry celebrating those struggles.

        "This group will focus on the areas in which working folk and their history intersect. In other words, this list will necessarily discuss unions in a historical context, but will focus more on union history and how it relates to the struggle of working folk than on modern union efforts.

        "Participants can expect occasional references to capitalist abuses and exploitation, and some discussion of how the history of working folk relates to current struggles, but union proselytizing or marxist ideology will be discouraged on the list, and advocates will be asked to instead link to external resources.

        "Restoring the Ludlow Monument is the business of the United Mine Workers of America. This list is not in any way affiliated with their organization, and we are not directly involved in collection of funds toward that honorable effort."

        A Memorial Desecrated, A Massacre Remembered Richard Myers Site on the Ludlow Massacre.

      • Visual Sociology:

          Thumbnail of Photo #178 in the Dorothea Bleek photoographs at the University of Capetown. Photo by Dorothea Bleek.
          Link on Photo to University of Cape Town Site. Scroll down to Photo # 178.

        • Tuesday, July 15, 2003. Historical Photographs: The San (Bushman) Photographs of Dorothea Bleek Selected Images You'll need an Internet Explorer 5.0 of higher to view the photos. This is a digital project with the University of Capetown Library. This project was presented in the poster session at the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) annual meeting held on August 18th - 24th 2002, in Glasgow, Scotland.

          Note that there's got to be more to working with such projects than a scrapbook. I pulled out a thumbnail of the photo that impressed me most. Typical of me, I guess, the original photo was damaged. But it gave me the feeling of what it might have been like to watch Bushmen dancing. I was comparing that in my head to the tourist attractions of "natives dancing" all over the world today. I think some poetry, and some pretty intense reading of their history, might turn these photos into wonderful memories for those of us who never experienced Africa in this state.

        • Tuesday, July 15, 2003. Historical Photographs: Getting Pictures Right: Context and Interpretation Conference in September 2003, honoring Paul Jenkins of Basel, Switzerland. I know, it's Switzerland in September, and we're in the US. But we could follow some of the papers. jeanne

Academic Accounting

  1. General Review for the Week

    1. Concepts:

    2. People:

    3. Vocabulary:
      Merriam-Webster Dictionary Search:
      1. From our classes and site:

      2. From A.Word.A.Day:

    4. Academic Writing:

  2. Reading Preparations for Class and Internet Discussions

Squiggle by jeanne Art Shenanigans

    El Personaje by Gunther Gerzso.
    1994 Silk Screen. The Adani Gallery Dallas.
    Monday, July 14, 2003. Gunther Gerzso: The Art of Gunther Gerzso. Discussion questions included.

    1980. Lithograph.
    Monday, July 14, 2003. Francisco Zuniga: Zuniga's Campesinos Discussion questions included.

    Queer Spaces: Daughters of Bilitis
    A Past Project of REPOhistory.

  • Friday, July 11, 2003:REPOhistory Completed Projects REPOhistory is a group of artists in Manhattan. They have been funded by the Gunk Foundation. Link on the project you'd like to see. Then link on Documentation in the menu across the top to see thumbprints. Link on the thumbprint for larger version. What is the sociological effect of the Queer Spaces sign in the above photograph? Consider how street signs confer legitimacy. Could you bring structural change to your community with street signs?