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Friday, September 5, 2003: So many of you spoke of the confusion of finding my lectures and your minimal requirements that after due consideration that you couldn't possibly be right, because, after all, I had so carefully organized that site, I abandoned denial and rationalization and admitted that we needed a site map that WAS a site map. It couldn't be that I was so enamored of Magritte's Ce N'est Pas Une Pipe that I preferred my metaphor to your ease of access. That is not an example of monologic non-answerability. It is an example of my being so smart that all you Others just can't understand me. Well, anyway, denial is more fun. I like it better. It makes me smarter.

Having succumbed to your refusal to accept how easy the site was to use, even when I repeatedly told you and threatened you, I figured it was time to put up a site map. I couldn't find my old Project Cool book, so I had to make this up as I went. You can see that there are a couple of lines in the image that I couldn't get rid of. Oh, well. Not bad for a first try. More tomorrow. jeanne

Saturday, September 6, 2003:

This week's topic is about how hard it is to remember to listen to Others. I was so sure that the site was perfectly intuitive that I just couldn't believe it was still necessary to schedule some lab time to show you how to get around it. Just because I spend 16 hours a day at it, it must be obvious. Now I teach you answerability and the need to recognize the Other, and I fail to hear your confusion when you voice it. I'm lucky. Latoya Lewis has had me before so she sent me an e-mail that said:

"I was wondering if you could email Brenda and give her a clear definition of Answerability;I figured you could explain it better than I can. I believe if the students understand the concepts a little better, they can begin to relate them to the work on the site. I think it would be a great idea to set up a time to meet with the students in the computer lab to learn how to use the site.
Thanks, Latoya Lewis"

Talk about wake up calls! Thanks, Latoya. I'll call the lab on Monday. It's just so far to walk, absolutely nothing could have made me walk over there last week. See how easy it is to slip into denial? All you need is for your feet to hurt. But you're absolutely right about the concepts, and the site map alone won't cut it. So as of tonight, you can link on lectures on the site map, and see that I've started to put up my lectures, and you can link on concepts and see that I've strated to put them up for all of you. Promise me you won't come up with any more good ideas till next week. jeanne

* * * * *

A Range of Sources on Global Events

Left/Right Perspectives - Cursor - New York Times
Arts and Letters Daily - The Economist - The Guardian
Wall Street Journal -The Weekly Standard - The Nation
Los Angeles Times - Chicago Tribune - The Washington Post
Cursor's Al Jazeera Archive - Ha'aretz - Palestine Monitor

Indymedia - BBC News - New Profile - Progressive Sociologists Network


    Saturday, September 6, 2003: I lied. After Latoya's reminder, I'll get lectures and concepts up. I sort of promise. That's a promise, with your fingers crossed behind your back.

    Friday, September 5, 2003. I made you a site map. What a good kid am I! We'll make it work effectively over the next couple of weeks. And then I got an Eek!! from Susan, because I keep putting up all these extra pages. Susan wins. I stopped and linked in the pages for the UWP students. Each week, as Susan and I add stuff, we link the week's page to that week on the syllabus, or after the first few weeks, to the course preparations page. That way you can always link to the week you're looking for. BUT the preparations page itself doesn't need updating in any ways except for me and Susan to add the link to the week as we add those preparations for that week.

    I'm going to try an index for lectures and concepts - but no promises that I can manage to keep up with it. Meanwhile, here's your site map. Go play! jeanne

    I just discovered that the minimal requirement files have the wrong names on them. Please be patient kids. The preparations are right, just the course names are wrong. I'll get it corrected soon. Yikes! jeanne

Using Academic Language Effectively:

Merriam-Webster Dictionary Search:

Dictionary of Critical Sociology
Maintained by Robert E. Mazur, Associate Professor, Iowa State University, Sociology.

Words of Art: Front Page
Wonderful Fine Arts dictionary at Okanagan University College in Canada.
Will cover many of the terms social theory shares with literary theory.

Today's Word: From the Word.A.Day Site

Social Theory across Disciplines:

Peace and Social Justice

Advanced Theory:

  • Monday, September 8, 2003: Moving the Dialog Forward: City Water Tunnel # 3 Commentary by Carl Williams, CSUDH, with a good lead in to deeper dialog and issues.

  • Monday, September 8, 2003: Our Academic Support Services: An "Illocutionary" Discussion? Commentary by Tammy Starnes, CSUDH, who got a little ahead of me while I was trying to set up your lectures and concepts. Permission to ask for definitions.

* * * * *


Emancipatory Narratives

  • Monday, September 8, 2003: The Recall: The Carnival of the Recall Commentary by latoya Lewis, CSUDH. Yes, there is a problem if we feel like we have no one to vote for. It's also a problem when the senior members of our party can't agree on the best approach. Of course, it's probably a problem that a millionaire can force us to do all this on the whim of spending one of his millions.

Kids, Etc.: Stuff to Share with Others

  • Update for Young People I'll catch up with these when our Fall class stuff is done. jeanne
  • Update on Health
  • Update for Seniors

    Monday, September 8, 2003. Writing About Who We Are: Rooster Head by Tamara Castro. Backup

    jeanne's first version of what Rooster Head mader her think of.
    Red Rooster 1
    by jeanne
    Inspired by Tamara Castro's
    Rooster Head

    From Burbank Middle School After Sandra Cisneros
    You Bring Out the Mexican in Me
    You bring out the Freddy Krueger in me.
    You make me scream at you
    When you go in my room without permission
    to borrow my Game Boy Advance Bag.
    To get back I hide
    your Nintendo Game Cube CD”s
    in the closet under the wooden box.
    You little weasel whose hair sticks up.
    You bring out the goblin in me
    when you make dumb noises
    with your mouth at the dinner table.
    But, Rooster Head, sometimes you”re nice
    You lend me money to buy
    Sprite and chips, then say,
    “You don’t have to pay me back now.”
    Other times you make me sneak
    into your room and pretend to be a ghost.
    I call your name in a low whisper.

    © Tamara Castro

    * * * * *

    I came across this lovely poem when I was putting together material for our discussion on the Los Angeles Unified School District's program under which disabled children will be mainstreamed over the next four years. It was on a consultant's site. Not much there, actually, except the offer of selling their services, but the poem was the winner in a contest they had offered for children 2 to 13. Idon't know what, if anything, it has to do with disabled chidren and their eduction, but I know a great poem when I see it. Hey, Rooster Head, you're not so bad. I'll bet you're my brother.

    If this poem was produced by a child formally classified as "disabled," it may just be the best argument I've ever heard for mainstreaming.

    * * * * *

  • Saturday, September 6, 2003. Red Badge of Courage: Stephen Crane's Red Badge of Courage etext Library of the University of Virginia. Civil War classic.
  • Saturday, September 6, 2003. Colored Troops in the Civil War: Pay of Colored Troops Also in the etext Library of the University of Virginia. By linking in the dialog box with handwriting in the center of the page you can see the actual document from the Civil War.

Art Shenanigans

  • Monday, September 8, 2003. Paintings of Nature at the Getty: This exhibit closed on Sunday, but the Getty's website is magnificent. Still Life with Bowl of Citrons By Giovanna Garzoni. Italian. Late 1640's. Backup

  • Monday, September 8, 2003. Paintings of Nature at the Getty:See this wonderful squid from a 16th Century drawing. He's more like a friendly pet than a monster. View of a Squid . . . Backup

    View of Squid from Getty exhibition.

    View of a Squid. Link on the thumbprint for the Getty site's view.

  • Monday, September 8, 2003. Illuminated Manuscripts: Look at the Book of Hours . . . Backup Take the time to zoom in for a better picture of the page, and be sure to turn the pages. If you link first on Page through the book > and then on Next > you'll find the page with St. George on the left. Look at how differently the illuminated border is done. It becomes a part of the miniature painting. Compare it to the other pages even in the same Book of Hours. Backup.

    And don't miss the wonderful Getty image of the Flemish illuminated manuscripts. Cover Illumination from Catalog . . . Backup.

Academic Discourse

  • Monday, September 8, 2003: Consistency:Sample Checkin for Consistency By Tanya Newton, CSUDH.

    Thesis Projects: