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Volume 19, No. 5, Week of February 23, 2004

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The Queen Mary at Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on January 26, 2004.

And the Spring Begins

Topic of the Week:

We're Back and Jeanne Has a Computer Again

Hi, everyone. Happy New Year! I would like to claim great distress over the awful virus I got flying home from Florida and over the total breakdown of my ISP, but the truth is I crawled in bed with my little gray cat, King Tut, who is no longer little, and my sixteen-year-old cat, Cleopatra, and blissfully slept my way through to this weekend. I dreamt of the Queen Mary and laughed over an elite class society tripping over its own feet trying not to join us in the modern age. I heard that it cost something like $17 to send an e-mail, and decided that I could easily live without e-mail. I'm glad to be home and finally out of bed. Click on new to see all the new things up.

Syllabus for Naked Space, Spring 2004 Exhibit

  • Assignments for Exhibit classes Several assignments are up, including one for graduate study.
  • Greetings from your Curator, Michael Griffin, and hoping to hear from our Co-Curator:
    Greetings Jeanne,
    Welcome back from the globe trotting and the realm of exhaustion and blissful sleep.... But enough ...we can all sleep when we are dead...and hopefully it will be a long time off... We have a world upside down, an inverted, perverted pyramid of power seeking dominion over all, and I for one will not accept that idea. You have led us into the hallowed halls of academia and expanded our awareness. This journey has taken us where ideas and idiot-I-ology collide. No better place for this to manifest than in the medium of art. Lectures as interesting as there are require intense concentration where as perhaps art can be a bit more subtle and grab us unawares. Color n form provide an enticing lure for the message to be delivered and who really knows where or when that seed will take root and sprout. Looking forward to our next show and where n when we might be meeting...


Michael, I'll be in Wednesday if the Judge don't get me first - jury duty. But meanwhile, I've been writing and posting materials that should help us. love and peace, jeanne

Plans for Comprehensive Exams Study Group

Many paintings, many pictures, many stories, soon.
love and peace to all, jeanne