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Tiananmen Square 15 Years Ago Saturday, June 5

The photographer who took this picture of a man challenging Chinese army tanks on an avenue adjacent to Beijing’s Tiananmen Square 15 years ago this Saturday recalls, “I was just waiting for him to get blown away.” (Jeff Widener / AP)

readings for summer and fall: jeanne
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Created: June 3, 2004
Latest Update: June 9, 2004

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Topic of the Week:
Icons and Those Who Make Them

Tiananmen Square, Beijing
European Pressphoto Agency
"The paramilitary police patrolled Tiananmen Square, and human rights groups said some prominent Beijing dissidents were detained, as the 15th anniversary of the Chinese government’s violent suppression of pro-democracy demonstrators neared."

China Hides Dissidents for Tiananmen Anniversary by Jim Yardley. NY Times, June 4, 2004. Backup.

An Icon, and then He's Gone by John M. Glionna. Los Angeles Times. Backup.

jeanne's first version of Tiananmen Square.
jeanne's second version of Tiananmen after Mehretu

The Truth About Tiananmen New York Times. Backup.

Police Make 16 Tiananmen Square Arrests By the Associated Press, as printed in the NY Times. Backup.

The Wolf in Reporter's Clothing: The Rise of Pseudo-Journalism in America Ruhl Lecture on Ethics delivered at The University of Oregon. May 6, 2004. Backup.

Debriefing the Naked Space Exhibit

jeanne's Conflicting images of woman
Poster from the Gallery Exhibit
Link on Poster for Table of Contents of Hypertext Poem:
Freeing the Feminine Other

NEWS and Announcements:

Grades for Spring 2004 Classes

These are notes from the exhibit. I'll go for the sign up sheets later, but not everyone got to sign in because I lost the book on Thursday. We found it again. This doesn't include any of my notes from my record book. Just notes so far. Be sure to check the list as I continue to put it up this week end and tomorrow. If I'm missing something by Monday, e-mail me, with a cc to Pat at I'm planning to send the grades in from here. jeanne

Readings for Fall 2004 Classes

These readings will go up all summer, as I prepare the Fall classes. I'm trying to give you definitions of concepts and resources along with the readings. If you have a question email me with a carbon copy to Pat in case they screw up my email again. I'll be glad to answer. This will make review and discussion in the Fall lots easier, honest. jeanne

Learning to Argue Validity Claims Profesionally This will be a required piece for all classes in the Fall of 2004, since one requirement for all classes will be some oral participation in the Naked Space Exhibit and/or one of the Moot Court performances.

  • Sociology of Agencies: Soc. 328

    • Eve Arnold's It's All In A Day's Work Some of the discussion is up, but will be moved to separate file.

    • Complicity: Local to National to International Agencies are administrative bodies. They exist on all these levels. What can they do when harm results from the application of their decisions? Who is accountable? Who is accountable for the prisoners we took in Iraq? What about the local veterans' associations?

      Consider the need to clarify terms, to forgive, to understand clearly what the key issues are, and to give the agencies a good faith hearing, as well as the citizens. Do the police believe we give them a good faith hearing? Do veterans? What is our responsibility to deal with any misperceptions?

    • Andre Gunder Frank's World System Discussion questions included. See if you can see applications to the performance evaluation of agencies, based on this discussion of Andre Gunder Frank's work.

      Consider the role that dominant discourse plays in our knee jerk responses to questions such as this. Does dominant discourse always work on the side of the authorities in whom power is vested?

    • ideology and social theory by Lynne Owens. Consider two things. How can we maintain civility AND subversion in our classroom discussions? How can agency personnel maintain civility AND subversion with clients, with each other? Why is that important? Consider illocutionary discourse and knowingness in your answer.

  • Sociology of Law: Soc. 367
    • Complicity: Local to National to International What role does local governance play in feedback and input to national and international law?
    • Andre Gunder Frank's World System Discussion questions included. See if you can see applications of complicity in the harm caused by our national laws, based on this discussion of Andre Gunder Frank's work. What if we did rape Latin America?

      Consider that the primary focus of local governance is getting the trash picked up and seeing that services are available and timely. So the trick here is, how do we conceptually link the local governance to the national and the international? Participation at a local level is participation; that's the opposite of apathetic and indifferent. Participation sends a message that the people are involved, committed, willing to take action. What else? Getting the trash picked up, and a community that's willing to support that job well done, might be another way to give evidence of a no-nonsense approach to holding people accountable for what they're supposed to do.

    • Andre Gunder Frank's World System Discussion questions included. How can we decide locally whether or not to permit Wal-Mart to come into our community, alter its governance process, and lower expectations of governance, if we've never ever discusssed our expectations of governance. Is there a microcosm of the world system in our own community? In terms of the law and the legal system? Would Wal-Mart's demand that city could not alter its contract have altered who made the laws locally? Who did you talk to about this? What does that tell you about dominant discourse locally?

  • Moot Court: The Skills of Governance Discourse: Soc. 370

  • Women and Poverty: Feminist Theoretical Contributions: Soc.395

    • Unruly Women by Karlene Faith. Readings and Discussiion Questions.
    • The Outsider Woman and Health Starts with Aboriginal women in Canada. More soon.
    • Complicity: Local to National to International Some of the old games we used to play in sociology, like Simsoc, showed that help was afforded to the poor and disadvantaged more often by those nearest them on the wealth and power scale than by those in positions of high power and great wealth. That's not dissimilar from what we used to find in stratification studies that showed that people tend to know in greater detail people near their own social class than those in a social class far from their own. What does that suggest about whether poverty is a conspiracy by the rich to get the poor? Does that muddy up the class war perception a little?

      Consider that dominant discourse permits the wealthy to KNOW that there are agencies to take care of the poor. Then consider whether that same dominant discourse operates amongst the working poor as they contemplate the non-working "lazy" poor.

    • Andre Gunder Frank's World System Discussion questions included. Where does capitalism see the fault of failure in its world system? Where does the early world system as Andre Gunder Frank proposes it see the fault of failure in the system?

      Consider where the system we're considering sees the fault of failure in that system: in the individual who could succeed with the right attitude and effort, or in the system that needs structural adjustment. Could be wiped out if everyone was just willing to try hard and work? Consider work in developing countries and work in developed countries and work in undeveloping countries. Consider the effects of work fleeing to other markets. How would Andre Gunder Frank's vision of the world system explain poverty and where would his system see the solution to failures?

A Range of Sources on Global Events

Left/Right Perspectives - Cursor - New York Times
Arts and Letters Daily - The Economist - The Guardian
Wall Street Journal -The Weekly Standard - The Nation
Los Angeles Times - Chicago Tribune - The Washington Post
Cursor's Al Jazeera Archive - Ha'aretz - Palestine Monitor

Indymedia - Mother Jones - BBC News - New Profile
Progressive Sociologists Network

Evaluating Internet Resources

Evaluating Hoax Email with samples, including an old one about charging for email that's going around again. Link updated March 29, 2004.

Evaluating Internet Resources Library Site at University of North Carolina. Don't forget to question. This is a good detailed source. Link checked March 29, 2004.

Using Academic Language and Visuals Effectively:

Merriam-Webster Dictionary Search:

Internet Mission Photography Archive

Dictionary of Critical Sociology
Maintained by Robert E. Mazur, Associate Professor, Iowa State University, Sociology.

Words of Art: Front Page
Wonderful Fine Arts dictionary at Okanagan University College in Canada.
Will cover many of the terms social theory shares with literary theory.

Citation Styles Citing Internet Sources for Social Science Papers: A Quick Note.

APA Style Style sheet for Psychology. Good reference for proper rules of citation. Twenty-five Easy Steps Toward a Correctly-Formatted Paper or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love MLA by Keith O'Neill. Style sheet for humanities.

Today's Word: From the Word.A.Day Site

and Careers

  • Letters of Recommendation How to get me to respond to your request. Many of you need letters. If you will follow this format, I can do them quickly and make them good.

  • Added April 24, 2004: Zerrona Fitts was gracious enough to request her letter as I asked. I'll get it out today. Most of you are not responding to my request to do your part in using your own voice to prompt mine. Please remember that you're also asking for these smack in the middle of intense preparations for the Spring Naked Space Exhibit. Oh, and yes, by the way, I've retired, and I''m not technically on campus this spring. So be nice and do your part. jeanne

  • Dog Letters If you do not give me adequate information, but do manage to get my attention, you may end up with a dog letter. That is a letter that says that you work well with people, that you are enthusiastic, that you persist at getting things done, and that everyone likes you. Of course, my dog gets along well with people, brings his ball to them, is enthusiastic, and persists at getting them to take his ball. Everyone likes my dog. That's a dog letter. It's so general it could be about my dog. jeanne

  • College Journal Resume Suggestions . . . Backup


  • Hirer (NOT SIC) Education: Sports Photo Essay by Herman Krieger. Link thanks to Herman Krieger.

  • Jacob Lawrences Ironers of the Phillips collection Ironer, Jacob Lawrence. Children's Art at the Phillips Art Collection on the Jacob Lawrence Exhibit. Teaching Resources and extensive information, as well as images.

  • Super Bullterrier Woman by Julia L. Kay of Art on the Net.

  • Culture: You Gotta Love It This is based on a delightful column by Chris Erskine of the LA Times, that should offer a little balm of healing laughter for all the monologic denial of answerability in today's world.

Who to TakeWho To Take:

Don't forget to add your comments for next year's students. jeanne

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