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jeanne, Web Technicienne, June 11, 2004; still reorganizing. August 17, 2004

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Planning for the Fall Gallery Exhibit

Penguins from National Geographic Calendar.
We never got to the beach in San Francisco

August 17, 2004

But we did find a great bar on the 36th floor of the Grand Hyatt from which we could look out over the bay and Alcatraz. I don't know how the Others coped with such evidence of oppression and control, but I tried to imagine the tiny island as a unicorn. The unicorns wouldn't cooperate. Can't say that I blame them. But I did manage to get the island to look rather like a ship. Not exactly a unicorn, but better than having my lunch disturbed with the uncomfortable recognition of my own role in a system that's big on retribution and punishment.

It's that time again. Classes starting. Books, grades, measures of learning, sleep deprivation, say, what? The site has grown over the summer. And it's time to start planning our gallery exhibition. We also have a Moot Court exhibition that will emphasize the discourse that accompanies the exhibits. It would be a good idea to come prepared on the first day of classes. We had a great summer. Can't wait to see you all.

love and peace,
jeanne and susan and pat and michael

Welcome Back!

We're back. Where's jeanne? What do we do?
"YIKES," saith Susan. "Chill," saith the unicorns.

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