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jeanne's first version of drinking while driving
Drinking While Driving Kills

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Created: November 19, 2004
Latest Update: November 21, 2004

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Topic of the Week:

Frozen Actions: The Things We Wish We Hadn't Done or Said
That Haunt Us One Day When We Least Expect It

Jessica Graham came across a poem about a young woman who died in a car crash caused by a young driver who was drinking. The dominant discourse has had a strong tendency over all genders, races, and classes to accept drunk driving as socially acceptable. It's not. It kills. Now there's a piece of dominant discourse we can change, each one of us, by keeping each other aware of the dangers, and by not accepting them as trivial or socially acceptable. And this is one of those social issues on which we are NOT a people divided. Talk to your friends, your neighbors, express your disapproval. Make them aware.

You'll find the poem and suggestions for using it in a project on Sometimes What's Done Cannot Be Undone. WAR is not the only kind of killing we need to stop.

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Current Discussion Topics:

Freeing Dominant Discourse
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Plans for Promoting the Naked Space Exhibit:

Ben Plaisted wrote:

"Ok, so we have an idea to try and drive some traffic to the exhibit on Dec. 1 and 2nd. Jeanne can you please put this on Habermas so that people there can see what we are trying to do. I agree with Penny, that we need to make some catch phrases or statements (see article below on exhibit in Austria) that will make people stop and question what they are reading. The statements don't even need to relate to the Naked Space, a sign could say "Beheaded in America?" and at the bottom naked space this way with an arrow or directions.

"The posters only need to catch people's attention. This way we are promoting the Gallery Exhibit along with making an artistic statement. So far Penny, Sawson, and Nancy have expressed an interest. All we need to do is collect phrases off of Transform from classmates (all who are interested please help) and then meet for a short time before Dec 1st and create our posters. I would estimate we need at least 20 posters to make an impact. Maybe Jeanne can give us some insight as to whether or not we will encounter resistance from administrators for our promotional campaign."

I can't see why there would be any resistance to such a noteworthy academic undertaking. Go for it. jeanne

My Weekend and Weclome to It:

jeanne and Arnold and Funny Face and Black Pharaoh and Talking Cat, all in the space where there waterbed used to be.
jeanne and Arnold and Funny Face and Black Pharaoh and Talking Cat, all in the space where their waterbed used to be. That's virtual water around the bed (oops, NOT-bed). We mopped it all up before we laid down all the blankets and pillows and stuffed animals and whatever we could find for camping outdoors. (oops, indoors)

Last Spring's Online Naked Space Exhibit

Freeing the Feminine Other:

Hypertext Gallery Exhibit from Fall 2004


Hypertext Project Map
Link on Section Titles for Hypertext Poem and Different Sections of Table of Contents.

Joining and Participating in the Yahoo Groups
on Transforming Dominant Discourse

I know that the elections have taken time from our traditional class activities. They are important. I accept that. But PLEASE do not forget that you are responsible for following the weekly issue of Dear Habermas, AND for participating in some manner in the class and/or Transforming Dominant Discourse discussions. AND the day after the elections is the day to start getting your project for Naked Space ready. You are also responsible for checking the class rosters on Collaborative Learning Reports:

  • 328cllst.htm
    what jeanne knows about what you're learning in Agencies Class.
  • 367cllst.htm
    what jeanne knows about what you're learning in Sociology of Law Class.
  • 370cllst.htm
    what jeanne knows about what you're learning in Moot Court Class.
  • 395cllst.htm
    what jeanne knows about what you're learning in Women and Poverty Class.
  • 595cllst.htm
    what jeanne knows about what you're learning in Grad. Women and Poverty Class.

  • Home Page for transform-dom You can read all the messageson Transforming Dominant Discourse from this page. Just click on messages in the left hand frame. You can read the messages, even if you're having difficulty signing up.

  • Home Page for transspan You can read all the messages in spanish on Transforming Dominant Discourse from this page. Just click on messages in the left hand frame. You can read the messages, even if you're having difficulty signing up. And you're welcome to put up messages for friends, relatives, community messages, who want to join the discussion but are not used to the computer. You can print the responses for them later. Make technology work for freedom and democracy

  • Home Page for Obesity Support

  • Instructions page for joining transform_dom and transspan
  • Link for joining tranform_dom:

    Click here to join transform_dom
    Click to join transform_dom

Shared Projects for Transforming Discourse:

I Lost my Answerability Somewhere

Understanding social justice and criminal justice: Telling Police What They Want to Hear, Even if It's False Backup of Los Angeles Times Article on Confessions. Where is the naked space in the criminal justice system? Does that matter?

Life Space and The Front Porch Art Crawl

One of jeanne's versions of Kurt Lewin's Life Space
My Psychological Life Space and Welcome To It! (Thurber reference)
I have no idea why the dairy cow is there; I just know that she's important.

As we weather this election, lots of life spaces, with lots of different issues and lots of different valences or priorities, are coming together in what could become the seeds of newly transformed dominant discourse. Try using this image to color your preferences differently, resize them, rename them, and generally redraw your own life space. Then asked parents, spouses, children, friends to join with you and create a whole scrapbook of life spaces out of this election and our coming together.

Review the theory on Kurt Lewin and Psychological Life Space. It helps me understand communication lots of times. There are myriad other theories that work. As you come across them, pick the one that works best for you. You can locate stuff on James Thurber by entering James Thurber "My life and welcome to it" as a Google search. And youll find more on this topic under Rhetoric and Reason and Ideology and Governance Discourse and . . . where I accidentally started over after Halloween Trick or Treat.

The Front Porch Art Crawl Here is an example in which our Naked Space Exhibit takes on some of the same concern for an academy-community bridge as a Learning Center in St.Paul, Minnesota. This project will revolve around contacting them, adapting as much as we can from their project, and sharing our project with them.

jeanne's Lecture Notes:

  • Mentoring
  • Academic Support

    Using Academic Language Effectively

    Merriam-Webster Dictionary Search:

    and Careers

    • Resumes:

    • Letters of Recommendation:

      • Letters of Recommendation: How to get me to respond to your request. Many of you need letters. If you will follow this format, I can do them quickly and make them good.
      • Dog Letters If you do not give me adequate information, but do manage to get my attention, you may end up with a dog letter. That is a letter that says that you work well with people, that you are enthusiastic, that you persist at getting things done, and that everyone likes you. Of course, my dog gets along well with people, brings his ball to them, is enthusiastic, and persists at getting them to take his ball. Everyone likes my dog. That's a dog letter. It's so general it could be about my dog. jeanne


      jeanne took out W, whom she doesn't miss, and put in VOTE in Ward Sutton's Ney York Times drawing.
    • jeanne and the 2004 election
      minor modification of Ward Sutton's NY Times drawing


      from an LA Times article
    • Human's Ancestral Tree Adds a Twig

      See how much we "know!" So Munchkins could have been some of our ancestors. Happy Halloween and Day of the Dead.

      National Geographic Photo on October 31, 2004

    • Tales of Halloween
      Visit National Geographic for Learning and Fun

    That Was Fun! Sneaky Strokes and Flying Good Dogs

    Flying Dog is also a painting by Zhang Kai. Best I've every come across to illustrate our site with magic numbers and unicorns and whipped cream cats and now, flying dogs:

    Flying Good Dogs: Whenever something happens in class that works out well, that inspires you, that helps in studying, whatever, take a few minutes to send us an e-mail. We'll post it where all of us can learn from it, including other teachers.

    You can also send an email to the Who to Take Site:

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