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Current Issue: Volume 21, No. 16. Week of December 12, 2004

jeanne's first version: From the abstract transcendence of disciplined faith to the ritualized frenzy of the faith that would rule.

May the Faith That Is Yours
Bring You Peace and Joy During These Holidays

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Created: December 11, 2004
Latest Update: December 16, 2004

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Topic of the Week:

May Your Faith, Your Ontological Hope,
Guide and Support You

I didn't have a lot of time to put up this week's issue. I'll finish it later this weekend. The idea of the painting has been with me for the better part of this last week. I think of religion and spirituality as bringing support, ontological hope, awareness of the Other and of the need for social justice in inter-relating with the Other. I believe that that philosophy is true, even for atheists and agnostics. Though you may have missed the opportunities that would have given you a shaman-like connection with God (whatever that term means to each of us), ethics, ontological hope (the kind Freire describes that gives us the strength to go forward in life), social justice are still on the agenda if you are to be able to look back on your life with satisfaction that you lived it as you did. Whether you take that hope, ethics, social justice agenda from a formal religion, or from your own or your family or community's counsel, these are still the issues that bind our communities in the world of humans, who are social, very social creatures.

As I lectured this week, I also think of mythos (which includes spirituality and transcendence as we understand them) and logic (which seeks scientific approaches of rational thought to guide us as we advance in some ways through the ages) as not so separate as we are sometimes told. Just as almost every social issue is inter-dependent on the infrastructure in which it occurs, so also is mythos and logos inter-dependent, shaping the world interdependently.

What I was trying to say in this painting is what i have proposed for the independent study project on Religion as a Present Social Issue for next semester. At it's core, spirituality reaches out to mythos, to transcendentalism, to all that we as humans cannot "know," in the logos sense of that term. I used a kind of Rothko abstract as the base of the painting to indicate that.

But in times such as these, logos interferes with whatever mythos we have chosen for our belief system, and there are those who would control our beliefs, both for personal gain, and for the assurance that they are "right" in their sense of "knowingness." Jonathan Lear on Knowingness. This results in the kind of humor we saw in the election with "Jesusland" and the United States of Canada. I represented that kind of split by placing three religious symbols over the original Rothko-like piece: Over the center an agitated, somewhat aggressive Christian cross; in the lower corner, a collection of curves and decoration I identified with Islam, and in the top left corner my first version of religions like Zen and Buddhism that aspire to guide us into the peace of the transcendental state.

The result, for me, is a painting that reflects the turmoil of our present differences laid over the calm and peace and love we seek beyond difference.


  • Rothko Painting National Gallery of Art.

    Rothko painting from National Gallery of Art "Rothko largely abandoned conventional titles in 1947, sometimes resorting to numbers or colors in order to distinguish one work from another. The artist also now resisted explaining the meaning of his work. "Silence is so accurate," he said, fearing that words would only paralyze the viewer's mind and imagination."

  • Mark Rothko Untitled Work

    Mark Rothko, Untitled [Seagram Mural],c. 1958, National Gallery of Art, Gift of The Mark Rothko Foundation, Inc., 1986.43.156
    "Rothko's work began to darken dramatically during the late 1950s. This development is related to his work on a mural commission for the Four Seasons restaurant, located in the Seagram Building in New York City. Here Rothko turned to a palette of red, maroon, brown, and black. The artist eventually withdrew from this project, due to misgivings about the restaurant as a proper setting for his work. He had, however, already produced a number of studies and finished canvases, two of which are included in the present installation. In the Seagram panels, Rothko changed his motif from a closed to an open form, suggesting a threshold or portal. This element may have been related to the architectural setting for which these works were intended."

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  • Life Space and The Front Porch Art Crawl

    My Life Space and Weclome To It - references Thurber and Kurt Lewin

    • The Front Porch Art Crawl Here is an example in which our Naked Space Exhibit takes on some of the same concern for an academy-community bridge as a Learning Center in St.Paul, Minnesota. This project will revolve around contacting them, adapting as much as we can from their project, and sharing our project with them.
    • On Tuesday and Thrusday of this week, I'm going to ask you to map out your own life space with concerns that you are feeling with dominant discourse. We'll work together, make suggestions to each other, and I'll try to shape the site around those concerns in the coming months. We can share your life space drawings over transform_dom.

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