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Current Issue: Volume 22, No. 2. Week of December 26, 2004

jeanne's twenty-first version: Mother and child in an infrastructure given to adversarialism, seeking mutuality..

Mother and Child
in an Infrastrucutre Given to Adversarialism,
Seeking Mutuality

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Created: December 19, 2004
Latest Update: December 29, 2004

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Topic of the Week:

Discovering Mutuality Across Adversarialism

As the child grows in a world beset by adversarialism and competitiveness, the interdependence of virgin and child grows more complex. In this week, as we approach the Western New Year, it would seem appropriate to reconsider our many similarities in the mother and child bond, and the many tears our present day conflicts and culture rend in that iconography.

Although I started with a Christian image in mind, the mother and child icon is part of every cultural group. I have done a series of paintings that I plan to make into woodcuts later. I thought I'd share them with you at the start of ths New Year. Perhaps you'd like to add your perceptions of the iconography as it appears in your life, or maybe a poem or two.

This is a visual gallery I'd like to work on next semester, as we approach religion and the social issues of family. Photos would be an acceptable part of the exhibition. So would other varieties or series of paintings. jeanne

jeanne: version01 of mother and child . . . jeanne: version02 of mother and child

jeanne: version03 of mother and child . . . jeanne: version07 of mother and child

jeanne: version08 of mother and child . . . jeanne: version10 of mother and child

jeanne: version11 of mother and child . . . jeanne: version12 of mother and child

jeanne: version14 of mother and child . . . jeanne: version15 of mother and child

jeanne: version25 of mother and child . . . jeanne: version17 of mother and child

jeanne: version26 of mother and child . . . jeanne: version17 of mother and child

jeanne: version20 of mother and child . . . jeanne: version21 of mother and child

jeanne: version22 of mother and child . . . jeanne: version23 of mother and child

jeanne: version24 of mother and child

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Current Discussion Topics:

  • Susan Sontag, Social Critic With Verve, Dies at 71 Margalit Fox. Backup. Susan Sontag was an iconoclastic critic of dominant discourse all her life. You would have understood her in those terms. The New York Times published photographs of her by Annie Liebovitz, a famous late 20th Century photographer, whose name you should also know.

    The First International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry will take place at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, from May 5-7, 2005. "Due to the growing interest in new conference panels and increasing volume of requests for submission deadline extension, the deadline for submissions of open-panel session proposals and all papers to the First International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry is now extended to January 15, 2005." Suggested conference topics are suggested. I would like to go, but don't know if I'll have the time. jeanne

    Learning Records: Grades online on ToroWeb.

    You may continue to correct or send materials that you would like included with your learning record. With 300 students I know I missed some messages and some activities that we should include. 9 students have already contacted me for corrections. I'll get those done as soon as school opens on January 3, 2004. When I listed a grade less than In A on the learning records, I also said "until you contact me with evidence of learning." When I gave an F, it was simply that I couldn't find any record of contact. Doesn't mean I don't have one. Just couldn't find it. jeanne

    • 328cllst.htm
      what jeanne knows about what you're learning in Agencies Class.
    • 367cllst.htm
      what jeanne knows about what you're learning in Sociology of Law Class.
    • 370cllst.htm
      what jeanne knows about what you're learning in Moot Court Class.
    • 395cllst.htm
      what jeanne knows about what you're learning in Women and Poverty Class.
    • 595cllst.htm
      what jeanne knows about what you're learning in Grad. Women and Poverty Class.

    • Home Page for transform-dom You can read all the messages on Transforming Dominant Discourse from this page. Just click on messages in the left hand frame. You can read the messages, even if you're having difficulty signing up.

    • Home Page for transspan You can read all the messages in spanish on Transforming Dominant Discourse from this page. Just click on messages in the left hand frame. You can read the messages, even if you're having difficulty signing up. And you're welcome to put up messages for friends, relatives, community messages, who want to join the discussion but are not used to the computer. You can print the responses for them later. Make technology work for freedom and democracy

    • Home Page for Obesity Support

    • Instructions page for joining transform_dom and transspan
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    Ideas for the Spring 2005 Naked Space Exhibit:

    • Life Space and The Front Porch Art Crawl

      My Life Space and Weclome To It - references Thurber and Kurt Lewin

      • The Front Porch Art Crawl Here is an example in which our Naked Space Exhibit takes on some of the same concern for an academy-community bridge as a Learning Center in St.Paul, Minnesota. This project will revolve around contacting them, adapting as much as we can from their project, and sharing our project with them.
      • On Tuesday and Thrusday of this week, I'm going to ask you to map out your own life space with concerns that you are feeling with dominant discourse. We'll work together, make suggestions to each other, and I'll try to shape the site around those concerns in the coming months. We can share your life space drawings over transform_dom.

        You know, the end of school was so hectic we didn't get to try this. Dashaun's Respect Project was so successful on an outside table, we could do something like that this Spring with the social issue of families. We could even make cards to pass out with an Internet address where people could get more information.

      • Archaeological Collage

    Jeanne's Lectures During Winter Break, 2004

    • Fall 2004 Lectures in Chronological Order
    • Components for Interim Report for Fall 2004 Naked Space Exhibit on Transforming Dominant Discourse

    • So many of you use cell phones. Use them responsibly, knowing that one day it is possible that, as with our pharmaceuticals, we discover unforeseeable conseuqences. Mobile Phone Radiation Harms DNA, New Study Finds From the Anti-Aging Newsletter of the Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine "Radio waves from mobile phones harm body cells and damage DNA in laboratory conditions, according to a new study majority-funded by the European Union, researchers said on Monday. . . . The so-called Reflex study, conducted by 12 research groups in seven European countries, did not prove that mobile phones are a risk to health but concluded that more research is needed to see if effects can also be found outside a lab. . . . Adlkofer advised against the use of a mobile phone when an alternative fixed line phone was available, and recommended the use of a headset connected to a cellphone whenever possible. . . . 'We don't want to create a panic, but it is good to take precautions,' he said, adding that additional research could take another four or five years." This link came from an email that I assume we receive because of the content of our website. Because cell phones are so convenient for many of us, we fail to consider that science knows little of the consequences of such radical change in the long term exposure of our bodies to new forces, such as radiation. Try moderation. And remain aware to what science is learning. jeanne

    • Eschatalogical, End of Days, Issues as they arise with our many religiions. If we're all going to hell in a handbasket anyway, then some of us think it's ok to do anything we choose, since it's only for now anyway. Throughout history, that ain't been so, folks. Sunday night the History Channel is going to show "Countdown to Armageddon." I am not going to watch it. But the End of Days issue is terribly important in the willingness of our religions to engage in illocutionary understanding of one another. If you're not familiar with the ideas, you might want to watch, though it surely won't be cheerful. The review was in the New York Times this weekend: Doomsayers of All Stripes, Now Together in One Show By Ned Martel. Published: December 24, 2004 Backup. Teaching essay not up yet, but the article is here to read. jeanne

    • Even Elite Hopsitals Need to Focus on the Fundamentals Changing the dominant discourse on expectations for high standards of competence. Backup of Program Coaxes Hospitals to See Treatments Under Their Noses By Gina Kolata. New York Times. December 25, 2004. Backup.

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      • Letters of Recommendation: How to get me to respond to your request. Many of you need letters. If you will follow this format, I can do them quickly and make them good.
      • Dog Letters If you do not give me adequate information, but do manage to get my attention, you may end up with a dog letter. That is a letter that says that you work well with people, that you are enthusiastic, that you persist at getting things done, and that everyone likes you. Of course, my dog gets along well with people, brings his ball to them, is enthusiastic, and persists at getting them to take his ball. Everyone likes my dog. That's a dog letter. It's so general it could be about my dog. jeanne


    • I needed this to remind me that the whole world is crazy, so I must be OK.
      On December 24, 2004, at 11:42 p.m someone named Deafman wrote: I was wondering if you know the 4 wishes of THOMAS, W. I.?? I am doing research on this person. Thank you!

      On December 25, at 22:12 jeanne responded: Sorry, no. Try the Univ. of Chicago's Ph.D. exam prep essays. They might have it. jeanne

      On Saturday, December 26, 2004 at 03:39 (UTC) Deafman responded: You're very slow in response. It's too late I don't need that information anyway I passed the exams. Thank you.

      Damn! And I thought I was pretty efficient for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. jeanne

    • Victory over Death: The Paintings of Colin McCahon The Essence of a Young Culture. Video clips and video available. On high resolution you can see the whole video on Real Player. Takes almost an hour. But gives a really comprehensive understanding on Colin McCahon's religious paintings, primarily Christian. I am very impressed by this New Zealand painter, and just wanted you to be able to follow his work as we bring more and more visual work into our studies. I absolutely love the "I am scared. I stand up." Told you answerability isn't a revelation; it isn't easy; you gotta work hard at it; and sometimes it's scary. jeanne

      Colin McCahon Victory over Death, detail

      Pollock version of background for mother and child paintings.

      Background display for Mother and Child paintings. Pollock Style.

      Texturized version of background for mother and child paintings.

      Background display for Mother and Child paintings. Textured Style.

      version 1 of mother seed

      Mother Seed. Canvas

      version 3 of mother seed

      Mother Seed. Canvas

    That Was Fun! Sneaky Strokes and Flying Good Dogs

    Flying Dog is also a painting by Zhang Kai. Best I've every come across to illustrate our site with magic numbers and unicorns and whipped cream cats and now, flying dogs:

    Flying Good Dogs: Whenever something happens in class that works out well, that inspires you, that helps in studying, whatever, take a few minutes to send us an e-mail. We'll post it where all of us can learn from it, including other teachers.

    You can also send an email to the Who to Take Site:

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