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Art as Part and Parcel of Our Everyday Life

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Still haven't found the courage to deal with the earthlink fiasco, but plan to do it tomorrow. Spent the last several days coping with updating this semester's issues. Be sure to go back to my version of KIki Smith's Nest and Trees. I did it shortly after we learned about Darcy's friend, Susan, and much of my playing with the nest and trees had to do with my concern for Susan. But I just got around to putting that up.

I'm feeling much better after the tiny rest in Big Sur after the Death Penalty Seminar. And I have much to share with you on religion in the world of corrections and retribution.I'll tryp to catch up slowly.

I'm planning to be at school on Tuesday. The hills are still here, at least mine is, and hopefully most of the damage is over. Instead of scheduling a workshop, I'll plan to be meet with any of you who can come in, in our offices. And I'd like very much to clean up my own office. If you have a project in my office, please try to help us by picking it up and/or finding it a tenable space so we can actually sit down in my office again.

On March 4, Pat and Arnold and I are going to San Diego to hear Jurgen Habermas.

On March 15 -19, we're going to Chicago for the Academy of Criminal Justice Science Meetings.

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    Syllabus for Independent Study: Religion as a Present Social Issue January 30, 2005.

    Learning Records from Spring 2005 Just started, on the basis of transform_dom discussions. This will take a while. I didn't work on learning records with all the confusion at home this week. Will get back to it shortly. jeanne

  • Most recent list of Learning Records from Fall 2004

  • Instructions page for joining transform_dom and transspan

    Famous People We Should Have Heard Of, But Didn't.

      Want you to look at Christo and Jeanne-Claude: Unwrapped "This story by Nicole Plett was published in U.S. 1 Newspaper on February 19, 1997." Two artists, Christo, and his wife, Jeanne-Claude, who was his manager until they decided that they were really both artists working together. Nice story. And a name in art you should know.

      "After years of masquerading as one artist (him) and one manager (her), the couple "came out" three years ago as two artists, and have corrected the attribution of all their works.

      "Why did this take so long? 'That was how we wanted it then,' replies Jeanne-Claude. 'We were not as old and wise as we are today. We didn't have the guts to tell the truth. Then it was hard enough for one Bulgarian refugee artist to be accepted in New York, two artists would have been harder.' "

    Jeanne's Lectures for Spring 2005

    • Fall 2004 Lectures in Chronological Order
    • Winter Break 2005 Lectures in Chronological Order
    • Spring 2005 Lectures in Chronological Order

    • Suggested titles for discussion group, so they'll come up in the archive search, which I am the first to admit I don't fully understand. But anyway, on Michael Jackson's case and the train wreck could we try:

      • See Message 2887 of tranform_dom.
      • Juries and celebrity - Subtopic. (like Michael Jackson or train wreck) Sort name of poster (like Jristen)
      • Juries and mental competence - Subtopic. (like Michael Jackson or train wreck) Short name of poster - (like Jason)
      • Juries and college education - Subtopic. (like Michael Jackson or train wreck) Short name of poster (like Taneisha)

    Visual Sociology:

    Christo and Jeanne-Claude: Unwrapped

    • "Christo and Jeanne-Claude call themselves environmental artists; artists who use both the rural and the urban environment to create temporary works of art. In place for just 14 days, their works are soon dismantled, their vast quantities of materials are recycled, and the land restored to its original condition.

      "We make temporary works of art of joy and beauty," says Jeanne-Claude exuberantly, in an interview from the couple's home office in New York. "We do them for our own pleasure and the pleasure of our collaborators." The artists do not take commissions or accept sponsorships of any kind.

      "We accept no volunteers. Everyone who works with us (except my mother) is paid," she continues. "We wish to work in total freedom," says Christo. "To keep that absolute freedom we cannot be obliged to anyone."

      "We work with no strings attached," says Jeanne-Claude, enjoying the irony of the completed thought. The "Wrapped Reichstag's" rich silvery fabric was secured with 51,181 feet of blue polypropylene rope.

      If you look closely at an art history survey text you may find Christo's earliest works from 1958, the year he arrived in Paris. His "Wrapped Bottle" and "Wrapped Can" are exactly that -- small everyday objects rendered disquieting and mysterious by the act of wrapping and tying them up.

      Although the monumental works that followed have been known for decades by the singular name Christo, the art has been a collaboration since 1961. That was the year Christo and Jeanne-Claude made their first temporary work, "Dockside Packages," in Cologne, Germany.

    Academic Support

    Using Academic Language Effectively

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    and Careers

    • Resumes:

    • Letters of Recommendation:

      • Letters of Recommendation: How to get me to respond to your request. Many of you need letters. If you will follow this format, I can do them quickly and make them good.
      • Dog Letters If you do not give me adequate information, but do manage to get my attention, you may end up with a dog letter. That is a letter that says that you work well with people, that you are enthusiastic, that you persist at getting things done, and that everyone likes you. Of course, my dog gets along well with people, brings his ball to them, is enthusiastic, and persists at getting them to take his ball. Everyone likes my dog. That's a dog letter. It's so general it could be about my dog. jeanne

    That Was Fun! Sneaky Strokes and Flying Good Dogs

    Flying Dog is also a painting by Zhang Kai. Best I've every come across to illustrate our site with magic numbers and unicorns and whipped cream cats and now, flying dogs:

    Flying Good Dogs: Whenever something happens in class that works out well, that inspires you, that helps in studying, whatever, take a few minutes to send us an e-mail. We'll post it where all of us can learn from it, including other teachers.

    You can also send an email to the Who to Take Site: