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Current Issue: Volume 25, No.11 , Week of October 16, 2005

jeanne's first piece on Prop. 65 and toxicity in everyday products.

Thinking About Our Need to Be Aware:
Proposition 65 Warning

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California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Created: October 18, 2005
Latest Update: October 18, 2005

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Topic of the Week:Thinking About Our Need to Be Aware: Proposition 65 Warning

Flying Witch from,

Our adventure with Propositon 65, passed in 1967, has led to adventures like guelphs in Guelphland. We've discovered Proposition 65 warnings on chidren's toys, halloween favors, cups in our campus bookstore, plastic cups in Rite Aid, and, would you believe, a cup on the desk of an official in the Health Department. A friend had given it to him, and my call prompted him to lift it and look underneath. Just like the white rabbit in Guelphland, there was a Proposition 65 warning sticker!

I'll recount my adventure in detail shortly. But meanwhile, suffice it to say, Dear Habermas now has a program for developing community awareness of the dangers of toxic chemicals in many of the daily products we seek, especially at low prices. We'll all need to know what the law is and how it has been so sorely neglected. Citizens, take care of yourselves. Our government is preoccupied elsewhere.

More soon . . . jeanne

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