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Current Issue: Volume 25, No.14 , Week of November 6, 2005

Naked Space in Love 1A at CSUDH.

Naked Space at Love 1A at CSUDH

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News and Announcements from the Department of Sociology, CSUDH

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Created: October 28, 2005
Latest Update: November 9, 2005

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Topic of the Week:

Naked Space and the Art of Engagement

Betty Melton, Secretary in Sociology, took this photo of naked space for us Thursday afternoon. And I posted the call for papers on Teaching in Higher Education this afternoon on transform_dom. Something about what Betty captured in the photo seemed to communicate naked space to me. I can't explain it, not yet. It's like my attempt to explain "will i still be me" last week.

Naked space is about our social learning, our creation of a learning community, and about our intense engagement with the substantive issues that are currently part of our lifeworld. We symbolize the concept by the empty space, but that's just a visual metaphor. Naked space is more than an empty space. Naked space is about creating space for answerability and for the Other, about respecting each other and humans well enough to restore the earth to her powers and ourselves to loving life and the living and those who came before us and will come after us in this endeavor.

Think about it. Help us find visual, aural, metaphors that will let others understand the importance of engagement in this process. Look at Helnwein's painting under Visual Sociology. I left it up. What was Helnwein saying? Why was he willing to offend. Why do Beau and Michael want to shake us up? How are those things related? Why did one of my students make a giant box that when opened had a lovely smiling face inside that said "F^&* the Patriot Act"?? Isn't that a lot like what Helnwein and Kiefer and Beuys were doing? Maybe saying "wake up and look at what you're doing?"

The French sometimes portray the poet as the real leader of humans. Why do you suppose? Can we understand and become more aware when we "get it" all at once without beating it to death with words? I once had a teacher who could take a really exciting idea and beat it absolutely to death by the end of an hour lecture. We need the words. We need the books. But might we need the visual and aural to hit us up the side of the head and wake us up??? When we insist on politeness and gentleness and kindness and not correcting each other are we destroying our own creativity and lining it up like desks all in a row? What about our poets and musicians and artists?

What was I really seeing of all this in Betty's photograph above?

love and peace, jeanne


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  • Propositions on Ballot for California Special Election Tuesday, November 8, 2005.

  • Student Get Out the Vote Campaign (GOTV) at CSUDH:

    Thanks again for volunteering and for freeing your class to help in our Student GetOutTheVote Campaign. I think I may have misspoke on the phone with you this evening. To confirm for your students CFA Interns, Maggie Gomez and Yesenia Diaz can be reached regarding the Student GOTV campaign at CSUDH by email at or by phone at 310-243-2168 (I think I may have gotten the email wrong over the phone). Please have your students contact us we will be running a GOTV campaign and caravan all day Tuesday, from 9am 7:30pm. Thanks!

  • The Ecstasy Exhibit at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art through February 20.
    "Ecstasy" is the trippy, messy, highly entertaining survey put together by Paul Schimmel of the Museum of Contemporary Art here. It sprawls through the Geffen Contemporary, the museum's cavernous warehouse in Little Tokyo, which too often begs for attention but is now jammed with blissed-out mobs.

  • The Art of Engagement:

    Opening Friday, November 11, 2005
    7:00 till 9:30 p.m.
    The Art of Engagement
    Jack Rutberg Fine Arts Gallery
    357 North La Brea
    Los Angeles, California 90036

    Revised Syllabi for jeanne's Fall 2005 Classes
    Instructions for Tutoring Requests and to Upload Learning Records

    Famous People and Concepts We Should Have Heard Of, But Often Haven't.


    • Helnwein - Austrian artist who is deeply engaged and uses his art to convey his messages. Compared to Beuys, who despised the commodification of art.

    • Botero - Colombian artist who could not help himself - he had to paint the violence he witnessed in his own country.


    Jeanne's Lectures for Fall 2005

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  • SquiggleResource Literacy

    Using Academic Language Effectively

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    • Letters of Recommendation:

      • Letters of Recommendation: How to get me to respond to your request. Many of you need letters. If you will follow this format, I can do them quickly and make them good.
      • Dog Letters If you do not give me adequate information, but do manage to get my attention, you may end up with a dog letter. That is a letter that says that you work well with people, that you are enthusiastic, that you persist at getting things done, and that everyone likes you. Of course, my dog gets along well with people, brings his ball to them, is enthusiastic, and persists at getting them to take his ball. Everyone likes my dog. That's a dog letter. It's so general it could be about my dog. jeanne

    • Career Options You Might Not Have Considered

      • visual media and their interdependence with other means of knowing to understand that we are not totally rational creatures deciding things apart from our feelings and values. Wolfowitz (new President of the World Bank to aid developing countries AND principle advocate of the Iraq War) might feel very differently when he is exposed to visual and aural images of the poor developing countries that have not before been his primary concern. So we want to know how best to present those developing countries visually. And we might find that we can have a career doing that sort of thing, so it does reflect on us as individuals. Added April 2, 2005.

    That Was Fun! Sneaky Strokes and Flying Good Dogs

    Flying Dog is also a painting by Zhang Kai. Best I've ever come across to illustrate our site with magic numbers and unicorns and whipped cream cats and now, flying dogs, oh, and Faupel's Flying Fish.:

    • Icons and acronyms and what they mean in Internet Speak

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    • Flying Good Dogs: Whenever something happens in class that works out well, that inspires you, that helps in studying, whatever, take a few minutes to send us an e-mail. We'll post it where all of us can learn from it, including other teachers.