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Current Issue: Volume 25, No.16 , Week of December 11, 2005

jeanne's guelph look after Rafi's dancer, and link to jeanne's page

Celebrating Naked Space Performance Art Exhibit: Love 1A
Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Noon Till Seven in the Evening
Spilling into the Hallway from SBS B 326

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Created: December 7, 2005
Latest Update: December 14, 2005

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Topic of the Week:

Naked Space Spills Over, As It Should

I'm afraid to push too hard. They changed the radiation treatment, and I turned slightly green. No problem. We took the Naked Space to a Redondo Beach elementary school Tuesday, where the special education children had a splendiferous time and made great boxes and cards. We learned so much from your experiences and the Exhibit on November 29th that we were able to pull it off without a hitch. And Sunday we'll go to the Tupperware party, and I'll try not to turn green and slide to the floor. Without them, we never could have done the interactive performance of this semester's Naked Space.

Pat is coming out to help me put up grades on learning records next Monday. Hope we can get them all up, but I promise to hang in there until we're done. But it might take several days.

Brenda, I was so proud when you just went into my office and sat down at my about-to-be-moved desk and sent a note to all of us on transform-dom. You guys don't realize how cool it is to see you take the computer naturally, as though it's what everybody is doing.

I'm hoping to be in next week. I'm really not sick - no pain - but the treatment is making me so woozy, I feel like I'm drunk. My mother is right. I never have normal side effects with medical treatment. I'm happy as a lark - just not able to drive like this, and am scared to push too far to stay at the computer and write for too long. But I did finish the painting I promised Susan of all our asses blocking the hall so poor Larry Rosen from psychology had to come and ask me formally if you could please leave a path in the hallway. Well, yeah. So I yelled something about moving asses in the hallway and Michael took over and managed traffic. I guess psychology never taught them to just say, "excuse me, could I please pass?" Yeah, Buscaglia and I would have something to say about that in Love 1A. But never mind. It's the Christmas, Channukah, Kwanzaa, whatever season and we wish you all Merry Tuches in the Hallways as you spill over with joy and peace.

I'll try to put up the rest of this issue as the green and woozy fade away. love and peace, jeanne

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Current Events Discussion Topics:

We don't have an office anymore. They moved us out last week, while I was having a reaction to the radiation therapy. All our stuff got moved across the hall, but it's in no condition for immediate use. So communicate with me over the site and transform_dom. Pat's coming up on Thursday, and we plan to put up the grades. Check learning records starting Thursday, December 15, after radiation therapy. We hope to get moved into the office across the hall by late January. jeanne

For Pat's brithday, Pat and Jeanne spent all day creating these art pieces for the Tupperware Party on Sunday, December 13. We thought you'd like to share them. jeanne

Pat's first version of jeanne's mother-in-law, the happy crocodile.

Pat's Happy Mother-In-Law

jeanne's first version of jeanne's mother-in-law, the happy crocodile.

jeanne's Happy Mother-In-Law

  • A Conversation on The Art of Engagement: Peter Selz and Henry Hopkins

    Much to write on this as soon as grades are up. jeanne

  • The Ecstasy Exhibit at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art through February 20.
    "Ecstasy" is the trippy, messy, highly entertaining survey put together by Paul Schimmel of the Museum of Contemporary Art here. It sprawls through the Geffen Contemporary, the museum's cavernous warehouse in Little Tokyo, which too often begs for attention but is now jammed with blissed-out mobs.

    Famous People and Concepts We Should Have Heard Of, But Often Haven't.


    • Helnwein - Austrian artist who is deeply engaged and uses his art to convey his messages. Compared to Beuys, who despised the commodification of art.

    • Botero - Colombian artist who could not help himself - he had to paint the violence he witnessed in his own country.


    Jeanne's Lectures for Fall 2005