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American Society of Criminology Meetings in Atlanta, Georgia:
Tuesday, November 6, 2001 through Saturday, November 1, 2001
Jeanne will be taking students for presentations at this conference.

Look at Undergraduate Social Theory Readings and Measures of Learning
for example of how the weekly readings and measures of learning are being set up.
Week 1 and Week 2 are up. jeanne

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Teaching EssaysTeaching Essays

Teaching and Review Essay Index

New This Week:

  • Reactions to Rhetoric by Albert O. Hirschman jeanne's review on
    Justice Studies Association Site.

  • ACLU Death Penalty Information "Whether you support or oppose capital punishment, there is mounting evidence that the system is broken. A review of death penalty judgments over a 23-year period found a national error rate of 68 %. In a matter of life and death, we are getting it wrong more than 2 out of every 3 times. We need a moratorium on executions to give us time to figure out why the system is not working." Link updated August 24, 2001.

  • Seven Concepts in the Evolution of Peace Thinking by Linda Groff, USA, CSUDH, Political Science. Scroll about halfway down the file to find Dr. Groff's article.

  • Transforming Education to Accommodate Students from Diverse Cultures by Janet Yelas, Massey University, Albany Campus. Pay special attention to the conclusion, especially the last paragraph on the e-mail between students and teacher. How are they transforming educational discourse?

  • In the Shadow of the Wall By Seyla Benhabib. Review of Juergen Habermas' A Berlin Republic: Writings on Germany. Translated by Steven Rendall. Nebraska. 187 pp. Paper $14.95. Benhabib cites Habermas as saying: "That a liberal political culture could develop in a culturally highly civilized society such as Germany only after Auschwitz is a truth difficult to grasp. The fact that it developed because of Auschwitz, because of reflection on the incomprehensible, is less difficult to understand if one considers what human rights and democracy mean at heart: namely, the simple expectation that no one will be excluded from the political community, and that the integrity of each individual, in his or her otherness, will be similarly respected." Teaching essay up soon. jeanne August 25, 2001.

  • Language and Power: Background to the Debate on Linguistic Rights By Sue Wright. Aston University. Birmingham B4 7ET. United Kingdom. UNESCO Site.

  • Globalization: An Introduction Good introduction to the issues of globalization. UNESCO MOST Site.

  • NGOs, Governance and Development in the Arab World By Sarah Ben Néfissa. UNESCO MOST Site.

  • World Bank Intervenes in Georgia's Deal on Fees for Caspian Gas Pipeline By Douglas Frantz. August 26, 200. New York Times, p. A4. Essay up soon on the effect of political and economic governance on the social institutions and relations that influence identity and interpersonal relationships: postcolonialism. backup

  • Stop the Violence A Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, Inc. (FCCLA) Site for Teens.

signifiers across cultures: other languages In Other Languages

Art and the Imaginary

Art as Healing

  • Voices of Child Soldiers: The Road to Recovery by Mary Westring. In Y&M Online Magazine: a monthly magazine about youth, war, and peace. "The children in Gulu Town bend over their drawing with solemn and thoughtful expressions on their young beautiful faces. They draw as part of their healing, as a way to express in images what is sometimes impossible to convey in words."

Art as Expanding the Imaginary

    Jazz and Social Justice English version. Follow this essay from speculation about how the US can be so inconsistent to preach democracy and freedom when racism and discrimination are still so evident. Follow each page, and focus on Degenerate Art (Entartete Kunst) and the related Entatrtete Musik. Teaching essay up soon. jeanne

Poets We Share

    Strange Fruit Billie Holiday's signature song of protest. You'll have to scroll about a third of the way down the file.

Music We Share

  • A History of Plunderphonics by Chris Cutler. backup
  • RESONANCE the acclaimed new music magazine & CD published by London Musicians' Collective (ISSN 1352-772X). Link to Publications, then to subscribe to Response magazine, then to Volume 8, No. 1 and to
    Volume 7, No. 2.
    "New art and music do not communicate an individual's conception in ordered structures, but they implement processes which are, as our daily lives, opportunities for perception.
    John Cage on the influence of Marshall McLuhan on his music.

  • Jazz and Social Justice English version. No photo of Olivier Urbain of Transcending Art and Peace (TAP).

  • Jazz und Menschrechte German Version. Has photo of Olivier Urbain.

Art You should Know

Artists You Should Know

Collaborative Writing Journal

Current work in progress on teaching and review essays
by jeanne, Susan, Pat, et alia.

New additions this week:

Conflicts Around the World:

  • Present Danger
    • Several perspectives on the Israeli and Palestinian Conflict. We'll discuss these in terms of the levels at which they focus their arguments, and the importance of considering all sides. Edward Said presents the Palestinians as the "vulnerable" Other. There are complications to this theoretical approach. But do we want to allow the continuing escalation of violence? Are there paths to answers? Teaching essay on this up soon. jeanne

  • Long-Term Effects
    • Voices of Child Soldiers: The Road to Recovery by Mary Westring. In Y&M Online Magazine: a monthly magazine about youth, war, and peace. "The children in Gulu Town bend over their drawing with solemn and thoughtful expressions on their young beautiful faces. They draw as part of their healing, as a way to express in images what is sometimes impossible to convey in words."

    • Globalización, regiones y fronteras Por Roberto Abínzano. UNESCO MOST Site. Not available in English. Teaching essay summary up soon. jeanne

    • In Saudi Arabia, Ruling Class to Working Class By Neil MacFarquhar. August 26, 2001. Special Report. This report is the second in a New York Times series on The Perils of Plenty. "Articles in this series are examining how sudden wealth from natural resources can bring unexpecteed problems for countries struggling to come out of poverty. . . ." Saudi Arabia effectively eliminated poverty through government subsidy based on oil wealth. Now, as the baby boom requires the assimilation of young people into the job market, the demand exceeds Saudi Arabia's budget and options. This would appear to be a second stage problem in maintaining an infrastructure based on the bounty of natural resources. Essay up soon.

  • History
    • Sri Lanka's Economic Holocaust: From Dr. Milton Friedman to Gen. Colin Powell By Wendell W. Solomons.
      Wendell Solomons introduces himself in the early part of this essay. But I couldn't ascertain who was putting this up on WWW. By following the URL backwards, I found Eyler Robert Coates, Sr. a retired librarian, whose site Wendell Solomon's essay appears on. Because I would like to know more about Wendell Solomon, I e-mailed Eyler Robert Coates, Sr. Will post a teaching essay when I have more information. jeanne. Dr. Coates says that he corresponded by e-mail with Wendell Solomon and believes him to be, in fact, a Sri Lankan.

      If Wendell Solomons is indeed a real person in Sri Lanka, we have here the voice of one of the "colonized" peoples. That is important in any attempt to understand postcolonialism and identity of the Other. The World Wide Web offers us an opportunity to provide a forum for and to preserve such voices, which may be essential to learning to live in peace. jeanne

    • Book Review by Philip C. Wilcox, Jr., Former U.S. consul general in Jerusalem; president, Foundation for Middle East Peace.

      of One Palestine, Complete: Jews and Arabs under the British Mandate by Tom Segev. New York: Metropolitan Books/Henry Holt & Company, 2000. 612 pages. $28.00, hardcover. Historical review of the Israeli Palestinian conflict and the British role in that conflict.

    Scholastic Resources:

    Scholastic Resources Site under revision, but useable.


    You Gotta Read This

    • The Sonatas of St. Francis A WEB Fancy by Michael Joyce, Matthew Hanlon, Andrea Morris, and Carolyn Guyer. Hypertext literature, and part of a concern for literary literacy. Mac, you gotta read this. This is no ordinary site. You must click in places you'd never think were links. But I think this group may have the mind of poets. jeanne

    • People Like Us A PBS Website on Social Class in the U.S. Several essay summaries online.

    jobs, jobs, jobs Jobs and Job-Training:


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