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Volume 10, No. 3, Week of September 10, 2001

Terror in the City:
Listserv being created by Dear Habermas as a forum
for children around the world to discuss issues of war and peace and social justice.

Keeping Our Balance Through:

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Volume 10, No. 2, Week of September 3, 2001
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South Africa:
Protecting Us from Them

Fences and the social contract.
Fences and the social contract. Rousseau.

The softening of denial.
The softening of denial.


Can you imagine different audiences
to whom you might want to present one of these images?
How would you choose which image to present?

(Theories of Attitude Change and Persuasion)


Pat assuring Mr. Moose she'll still protect his children at CSUDH.
Oh, Mr. Moose, I won't be far away. I'll still be around to protect students.
I'm even going to law school so I can do it more effectively.
By the way, you wouldn't consider loaning out those antlers, would you?

Pat's Retiring!

Her retirement party has been announced by Dr. Margaret Blue
for Thursday Afternoon, September 13, 2001: 2:30 pm. to 5:30 p.m.
Dr. Blue is providing the carrot cake and the donation to student scholarships
that would have been spent on a traditional party.
Pat would rather have the money go to students.
God Bless you, Pat.
We are going to miss you so much!
Thank goodness you'll still be here with Dear Habermas.

Our Theory and Transforming Discourse classes will meet at the party.
Everyone please bring a little something to nibble, since party money has gone to students.

The first-ever
Bring Your Own Nibbles Retirement Party!

jeanne will have a special presentation for
Pat, the Student's Friend
Don't Miss It!

The Newly Arrived Ms. Sarah Ryave

Dr. Ryave, Chair of the Sociology Department, has a lovely new daughter,
born just before school started.
Dear Habermas wishes her a long and happy life.
We offer her the gift of this delightful cowgirl suit from the Gene Autry Museum
as appropriate to her Southern California home.
The welcoming art book is done and being reproduced this weekend,
so we can present her cowgirl suit to Dr. Ryave early in the Week of September 7, 2001.
jeanne and Susan and Pat

Autry Museum of Western Heritage

American Society of Criminology Meetings in Atlanta, Georgia:
Tuesday, November 6, 2001 through Saturday, November 10, 2001
Jeanne will be taking students for presentations at this conference.

Field Trip: Monday Evening
September 10 at Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena

Philip Gourevitch, author of
We Wish to Inform You That Tomorrow We Will Be Killed With Our Families
on Rwanda's Genocidal Conflict between the Hutus and the Tutsis

See start of Field Report at Understanding Violent Crime Start of a teaching essay on Violent Crime. I think you should probably look at this together with Terror in the City. jeanne

jeanne will not be in class on Thursday, September 27, 2001.

Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, is on September 18, 2001. jeanne will be in classes that day.

Yom Tov - Happy Holidays
Ti kat vu - May you be inscribed in the New Year.

Thursday, September 27, 2001 is Yom Kippur, the Highest Holy Day of the Jewish Year.
We will have non-classroom assignments for that day, as jeanne will not be present at CSUDH.

Weekly Readings and Suggested Measures of Learning

California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Latest Update: September 12, 2001


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For the Week of September 10, 2001

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Teaching EssaysTeaching Essays

Teaching and Review Essay Index

New This Week:

  • The Iron Cage of Bureaucracy: Weber Teaching essay and journal entry by Darby.

  • World Conference Against Racism
    Durban South Africa, September 2001.

  • Publishing for Our Writers, Our Artists, Our Musicians Teaching essay on Dear Habermas as a forum for publication.

  • Peace Parks A four minute video from National Geographic. Introduces the idea of national parks without fences and boundaries between countries to permit animals to roam freely and naturally from ocean to ocean. Beautiful film. Link from main site for National Geographic to Wildlife Without Borders.

  • Transforming Discourse in Inner-City Schools A story from the L.A. Times alludes to the kind of hope that Susan and I found in Habermas, hope and faith in the human ability to respect each other and build an infrastructure that respects the earth and all living creatures on it. In this essay we use the story to understand individual empowerment to make the world a better place.

  • Transforming Discourse in a Revved-Up Life-World A look at how the dominant discourse leads to the constraint of our imaginary in deciding that we actually have more "discretionary time" than previous generations did. Example: the important role sleep deprivation plays today. Topic was introduced by Abel, in Theory Class.

  • What Is Theory? Why Do We Need It? Discussion of the role of theory in our everyday lives, and theory as a source of understanding oppression. Discussion topics and jeanne's notes on those topics included.

signifiers across cultures: other languages In Other Languages

  • Up soon.

Art and the Imaginary

Art as Healing

  • Up soon.

Art as Expanding the Imaginary

    Up soon.

Poets We Share

    Up soon.

Music We Share

  • Up soon.

Art You should Know

  • Up soon.

Artists You Should Know

Collaborative Writing Journal

Current work in progress on teaching and review essays
by jeanne, Susan, Pat, et alia.

Conflicts Around the World:

  • Present Danger

  • Long-Term Effects

    • Jurisprudence and World Conflict Afghans go to their Supreme Court over the application of their laws to foreing missionaries who preach Christianity within their sovereignty.

  • History

    Scholastic Resources:

    Scholastic Resources Site under revision, but useable.
    Sociology Sites New Scholastic Resources file going up for behavioral sciences.
    American Society of Criminology Tutoring for student members of ASC.

    • Up soon.


    You Gotta Read This

    • W screws the people again by Lauren Langman, posted on PSN. I had been howling all day Saturday as I read the headlines in all the papers. This post sums up well the information I wanted to brign to your atttention on the conflicting perspectives of present validity claims in the U.S.

    • Transforming Discourse in Inner-City Schools A story from the L.A. Times alludes to the kind of hope that Susan and I found in Habermas, hope and faith in the human ability to respect each other and build an infrastructure that respects the earth and all living creatures on it. In this essay we use the story to understand individual empowerment to make the world a better place. (Also listed under teacing essays.)

    • What All Undergraduates Should Know About How Their Sleeping Lives Affect Their Waking Lives by William Dement, M.D., Ph.D. Stanford University. Stanford University Center of Excellence for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Sleep Disorders.

      Sleep deprivation is a sleep disorder, and most of us are suffering from sleep deprivation. Dr. Dement says something of great importance to all of us who drive the local freeways:


      Drowsiness is the last stage of sleep deprivation, before you fall asleep at the wheel, not the first indicator of drowsiness.

    jobs, jobs, jobs Jobs and Job-Training:

    • Interview Skills Good tips.

    • Sample Jobs Out There.

      • What Others Are Doing that We Might Like to Do This essay opens with a request for participation in a mental health survey on how clinical practitioners of mental health make decisions with limited information. We refer to this as "knowingness," the assumption that we "know" what is "right," what is "best," for the Other, based usually on dominant discourse or normative expectations. I have written to the researcher to ask for more information about her thesis, and would like us to consider the possibilities for such research and praxis in higher education and the criminal justice system, as well as in the mental health system. Research proposals that suggest avenues for future jobs.