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Volume 10, No. 4, Week of September 17, 2001

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The Canadian Communications Foundation has provided the history
and stories surrounding
America: The Good Neighbor
Link to this old-fashioned radio:
to hear a sound recording of America: Good Neighbor.

100 Questions and Answers about Arab Americans
Detroit Free Press. Posted to PSN by Martha Gimenez.


American Society of Criminology Meetings in Atlanta, Georgia:
Tuesday, November 6, 2001 through Saturday, November 10, 2001
Jeanne will be taking students for presentations at this conference.

jeanne will not be in class on Thursday, September 27, 2001.

Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, is on September 18, 2001. jeanne will be in classes that day.

Yom Tov - Happy Holidays
Ti kat vu - May you be inscribed in the New Year.

Thursday, September 27, 2001 is Yom Kippur, the Highest Holy Day of the Jewish Year.
We will have non-classroom assignments for that day, as jeanne will not be present at CSUDH.

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Teaching EssaysTeaching Essays

Teaching and Review Essay Index

New This Week:

  • Self Esteem Advisory Service Buckholdt Associates in the UK. Many new features. This is a site we have referred to before, and many of our students have found helpful information here. Also has a new feature in which you can add your own contributions to ways of dealing with self-esteem.

  • Emotional IntelligenceA new service set up by Buckholdt Associates in the UK. They're probably too far away for you to attend any of their programs, but their site offers a good range of helpful suggestions.

  • The Media and Transforming Discourse

  • Newsmaking Criminology Stuart Henry and Dragan Milovanovic.

  • Understanding Evil: Zimbardo Op ed piece by Zimbardo, of Stanford, whose research on prison guard cruelty was a major part of our attempt to understand after the Second World War how humans could inflict such pain on other humans.

  • Balancing Our Reactions: Adversarialism AND Mutuality

  • Fwd: English Reaction To Bush by Lauren Langman, 17 September 2001. A PSN post that offers a good summary of British reaction to U.S. talk of war.

  • 100 Questions and Answers about Arab Americans The Detroit Free Press. This was posted on PSN by Martha Gimenez. I suggest we all ponder it carefully, for now we must all guard against the comfort of labelling and stereotyping "An Enemy."

  • ZNet Selected Reactions and Analyses of Sept. 11 Calamity. ZNet provides a leftist perspective. That is particularly important at the moment because it is the left that has so preached against imperialism and colonialism, and has so sponsored a peaceful approach to transforming dominant discourse. Because that approach is not well represented in the traditional media, we will try to provide sources for you. I suggest that those of you who would like a deeper perspective of the rightist perspective turn to the think tanks included on left-right perspective. Teaching essays will deal with both, but it will take time. jeanne

  • A Prayer for the Nation Saturday, 15 September 2001. His Eminence, Archbishop Michael Champion of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church in the United States wrote the following prayer for our nation. It will be said in parishes throughout the country and western Europe this weekend. On The Moderate Republican Website.

  • Bin Laden Beware: Here's how to break the spirit of the holy warriors. By Reuel Marc Gerecht. The Weekly Standard. A right perspective piece.

    Consider the language chosen for this piece. "We can certainly expect guilt and anxiety to return to the op-ed pages as soon as America starts to punish bloodily those responsible in the Middle East." More soon, on comparing the language of persuasion. jeanne

  • Seeking Bin Laden: Can we translate this into some of the theoretical difficulties in fighting terrorism with the criminal law? Discussion Topics and comments included.

  • The Dialog on Progressive Sociologists Net For our class discussions please remember to try to conceptually link the ideas discussed to the various theoretical positions we are studying. Please bear in mind that we are all in shock, that no one has "the" answers right now, so try to be understanding and forgiving. Note instances when Others are angry and not forgiving, or sad and hurt. Those instances occur over the issues that carry the most affect. We are all going to have conflicting feelings, and we are all going to be mistaken in some things, in some actions. jeanne

  • What Is Theory? Why Do We Need It? Discussion of the role of theory in our everyday lives, and theory as a source of understanding oppression. Discussion topics and jeanne's notes on those topics included. This file was up last week, but take a look at it again, in terms of how Tuesday's events put us in even greater need of the social distance provided by moving to a technical level with theoretical considerations. jeanne

  • Theory Guiding Us to an Understanding of "Different" Perspectives: A muddled modernity "Feminists, leftists, progressives, and other intellectuals still haven't questioned the idea of development, progress, modernity, as wholly a good thing." Lila Abu Lughod. Anthropologist and New York University Professor Lila Abu Lughod is one of the most respected scholars in Middle East studies. "No one has challenged this concept of progressive achievement of enlightenment--that we have to follow a certain path, and as people get educated, they will get more enlightened. . . . What was behind that process of advocating that women should be unveiled and educated, and good mothers who are scientific in their childrearing? What were the consequences of this discourse?" As we come to understand the Middle-Eastern world we are going to need to understand these issues.

  • Afghanistan: Persistent Crisis Challenges the UN System, August 1998. By Barnett R. Rubin. Michael Pugliese posted this to PSN on Sunday, September 16, 2001, along with several relevant books for those who would like to delve into these issues more deeply.

  • Another Gulf of Tonkin Resolution? and "Because We Embrace Freedom"? Institute for Public Accuracy. Left perspective news.

  • Transforming Discourse in Our Own Backyard Remembering that none of us are saints. Start of a journal entry by jeanne.

  • Welcome to the Desert of the REAL! by Slavoj Zizek

  • World-Wide Dialogue

  • Talking with Children about Terrorism

  • The Association for the Study of Dreams: Help with Nightmares Nightmares and what you can do about them. Articles online.

  • Gideon's Trumpet and the right to an Attorney This is on the Kids' Corner of the National Constitution Center. It explains our sense of justice in a way that we all need to understand it now. jeanne

  • Beyond bin Laden - why are we so hated? An anthropologist looks at bin Laden (fwd)by William O. Beeman Pacific News Service. Posted to PSN by andrew mckinnon. 15 September 2001.

signifiers across cultures: other languages In Other Languages

Art and the Imaginary

Art as Healing

  • I have several messages from our art and peace connections. I'll do my best to get them up for you quickly. jeanne

Art as Expanding the Imaginary

    Up soon.

Poets We Share

    Up soon.

Music We Share

  • Up soon.

Art You should Know

  • Up soon.

Artists You Should Know

Collaborative Writing Journal

Current work in progress on teaching and review essays
by jeanne, Susan, Pat, et alia.

Conflicts Around the World:

  • Present Danger

    Scholastic Resources:

    Scholastic Resources Site under revision, but useable.
    Sociology Sites New Scholastic Resources file going up for behavioral sciences.
    American Society of Criminology Tutoring for student members of ASC.

    • PSN sources on Afghanistan One online article Michael Pugliese calls a "primer" and several books.

    • Philosophy and Civil Society Website maintained by Tom Bridges, Professor of Philosophy, Philosophy and Religion Department, Montclair State University. Prof. Bridges posted a piece on the Hab list on Monday, September 17, 2001, in which he suggests that Habermas' hope of a universal approach to communicative action through discourse has been rendered untenable by the nihilistic approach of fundamentalist terrorism. I've asked for permission to post that for you. More soon . . . jeanne

    • News Stories as Stimuli to the Theory-Policy-Practice Thread

    • Lagniappe!

      You Gotta Read This

      • Transforming Discourse in Inner-City Schools A story from the L.A. Times alludes to the kind of hope that Susan and I found in Habermas, hope and faith in the human ability to respect each other and build an infrastructure that respects the earth and all living creatures on it. In this essay we use the story to understand individual empowerment to make the world a better place. (Also listed under teacing essays.)

      • TALIBAN: Militant Islam, Oil and Fundamentalism in Central Asia by Ahmed Rashid. Yale University Press. Also on list posted by Michael Pugliese to PSN. There are several reviews on this site that might give you some sense of issues surroundin the Taliban.

      jobs, jobs, jobs Jobs and Job-Training:

      • Interview Skills Good tips.

      • " is a meta-collection of Internet resources that have been gathered for the academic job hunter. It includes links to faculty, staff, and administrative announcements and is not restricted to teaching positions."

      • What Others Are Doing that We Might Like to Do This essay opens with a request for participation in a mental health survey on how clinical practitioners of mental health make decisions with limited information. We refer to this as "knowingness," the assumption that we "know" what is "right," what is "best," for the Other, based usually on dominant discourse or normative expectations. I have written to the researcher to ask for more information about her thesis, and would like us to consider the possibilities for such research and praxis in higher education and the criminal justice system, as well as in the mental health system. Research proposals that suggest avenues for future jobs.