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Volume 10, No. 7, Week of October 8, 2001

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Volume 10, No. 6, Week of October 1, 2001
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The Muslim Victim redrawn as the Middle Eastern Terrorist - same original. The Muslim victim during Serbian conflict?.
Middle Eastern Terrorist? or Muslim Prisoner in Serbia?

The ostrich doesn't look like me!
Now, how can that be?

If you look like me,
then you are like me
If you don't look like me, well . . .
Does that mean you are not like me?

But I like you, so . . .
shouldn't you look like me?

And if that man is a Muslim victim . . .
then how does he turn into an Arab terrorist?
The hair? . . .
My mother says it doesn't matter
what color your hair is.

A Brave and Startling Truth
by Maya Angelou.
Susan forwarded this on Sunday afternoon, October 7, 2001, for me to put on the site.

And Pat just sent in this quote:
"Just heard from a caller on a call-in program on KPFK
Quote from Gandhi: "an eye for an eye will leave the world blind."


Drug Recall

Phenylpropanolamine (PPA) Information Page Federal Drug Administration Information
D Bagley sent us the alert. More soon. . .

We are pleased to welcome our colleagues
from Soka University Japan
and from Transcend Art and Peace.

Guest Speaker for next Wednesday evening, October 17, 2001:

Professor Munashe Furusas of Zimbabwe.

7 p.m. in Room SBS A 232.

Here is your chance to ask questions of one who knows intimately Zimbabwe. Think of the impressions Father Peter brought us of Zambia, a neighboring country, and begin to build a more intimate knowledge of Africa. You are welcome to send in your questions, and we'll ask Teresa Mason, who knew and invited Professor Furusas, who teaches at CSUDH, to forward them to Professor Furusas.

California State University, Dominguez Hills
University of Wisconsin, Parkside
Soka University Japan, Transcend Art and Peace
Latest Update: October 10, 2001

E-Mail Olivier Urbain, Soka University

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For the Week of October 8, 2001

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New material up on Monday, if I can manage it. Meanwhile, read the current issue. jeanne, Sunday, October 7, 2001.

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    New This Week:

  • The Problem of Disinformation Complicity suggests that we do not look deeply enough into the information provided us for consistency, logic, and an appreciation of different perspectives. Such complicity permits us to deny any perspective other than that of our own perspective, also called "privileging our own subjectivity." (Recall the emphasis in modern theory on the subject object relationship.) A rejection of such complicity is requisite to a good faith hearing of all validity claims. (Habermas)

  • Frantz Fanon Theorists it's important for you to know. Emory University Website.

  • Introduction to Postcolonialism Emory University Website. "Still others berate the tendency in the Western academy to be more receptive to postcolonial literature and theory that is compatible with postmodern formulations of hybridity, syncretization, and pastiche while ignoring the critical realism of writers more interested in the specifics of social and racial oppression."

  • The Events and Aftermath By Edward Said . Sunday September 16, 2001. The Observer. "This is a war against terrorism, everyone says, but where, on what fronts, for what concrete ends? No answers are provided, except the vague suggestion that the Middle East and Islam are what 'we' are up against, and that terrorism must be destroyed. . . . No cause, no God, no abstract idea can justify the mass slaughter of innocents, most particularly when only a small group of people are in charge of such actions and feel themselves to represent the cause without having a real mandate to do so."

  • Mimicry, Ambivalence and Hybridity in Postcolonialism. Emory University. Website. Colonization is described as the turning of Robinson Crusoe's Friday into a "mimic-man," for the only words the rescued cannibal can speak are those that Robinson Crusoe taught him. An advanced piece.

  • FBI, CIA warn of more attacks: Retaliation feared if U.S. strikes Afghanistan By Susan Schmidt and Bob Woodward. Dang Cao, CSUDH, sent us this link. backup

    • "I'm Scared" Teaching essay on placing our fear within a theoretical framework and recognizing that we all share it. I've just begun it. I need to add more links to essays explaining some terms. I invite everyone to share with me in putting this piece together. jeanne Sunday morning, October 7, 2001.

  • dangerous books? George Snedeker has posted on PSN a trio of books, both left and right perspective, that are selling like hotcakes right now. He says to one he identifies as conservative, The Clash of Civilizations by Samuel Huntington, is dangerous.

    Why does Snedeker think that it's dangerous to play on our fears of the Other right now? Consider that the use of art, music, icons (like flags) are all part of a one-sided argument - simple, emotionally laden, quick solidarity formers for mass pscyhology. Snedeker reminds us that we are experiencing fear for the first time on our own soil. We are. That makes us more susceptible to "sound bites" and "quick answers" and "right" answers, and makes it even harder to move to a technical multi-sided complex argument. Essay up as fast as I can get three on these pieces of theory. jeanne

    Snedeker is posting on a left-perspective list. What response would the American Enterprise Institute make to Snedeker's arguments? Check out the books offered on AEI. Notice that Samuel Huntington is not one of the authors, that the Clash of Civilizations is not one of the titles on AEI. Neither does the Heritage Foundation think tank mention it. We might find a review of the Clash of Civilizations on the Weekly Standard, but we'd have to go to back issues.I tried the search engine but found neither the title nor the author. I didn't have time this morning. You try it. jeanne.

    But the Heritage Foundation site offers Policy Papers that might help you decide how thinking conservatives might respond to Snedeker's concerns for stirring up popular anger against an "unseen" enemy who "may look like" a Middle Easterner.

  • List of links to sources around the world Inlcudes the New York Times, the USA Today, The Economist, and many more. It's a pretty good list. Check it out!

  • Target Iraq's Terrorist Regime, Not Just Osama bin Laden, to Win War on Terrorism by James Phillips. The Heritage Foundation. Executive Report, October 2, 2001. Right perspective.

signifiers across cultures: other languages In Other Languages

  • Up soon.


  • Science Fiction You Might Like to Know