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Volume 10, No. 9, Week of October 22, 2001

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The Creation of Adam

The Creation of Adam
by Michelangelo

Link on the title or on the painting itself to visit the larger view on the Wayne State University Site:
Michelangelo: Sistine Chapel Ceiling.

I chose to put up this image because this has been a traumatic week for many of us, and we needed something soothing. I have found the greatest reassurance in looking up to this panel and realizing the network on which humanity is founded. The connection between Adam and the Father in Michelangelo's vision is one of tenderness, of protection, of grace. In the trauma the world faces today, it is good to be reminded of our connectivitiy. love and peace, jeanne



This week I started a new section for us on healing. Most of us are feeling the effects of September 11. You'll find a link to the Healing section under the Table of Contents. Some of us are still having trouble grasping that a "war" of sorts is happening, and that we are in the thick of it. Some of us are experiencing reactive depression we don't understand. Some of us are tired beyond reason, and failing to care for ourselves on the grounds that we can't "really be that tired." Most of us are finding it harder to be patient and caring, especially when others do something that triggers the fear, anxiety, or exhaustion that is already beyond our normative expectations. We need to talk about healing.

Doing Art for Peace

Rwanda: No Single Truth

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<i>The NOW Is Cracking</i>, by jeanne Healing
The NOW is cracking.

I set aside the Healing Section for us to share our feelings and our knowledge of sources to help with that healing. And in the interest of our collective health, if you are saddened and depressed by even theoretical discussions of what is happening in our lifeworld, don't read those discussions; don't let yourself get more depressed or angry or firightened. All the material on our site is archived. You can go back to it when it is less traumatic. And there is so much material on the site that you have choices. Choose to read and illustrate your understanding with discussions and articles that uplift you, not that make you feel worse.

love and peace, jeanne

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